MasterChef Thurs – Deli taste test

Legends week continues as Yotam Ottolenghi hosts a deli item challenge. The first three contestants to incorrectly name a deli item must cook to stay in the competition. Who will be heading home?

Hmm, this seems to be another one favouring the Anglo/European contestants. An we expect several sausage jokes from Matt Preston? He’s the wurst.

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big h

Who is Ben? I think this is first time I’ve heard him speak.


Yes. He is the one always wearing flowery shirt! but hardly get any screen time

big h

Couldn’t see him around all the other camera hogs …

big h

No, but MasterChef did tweet about it.


They should require them to use at least 3 items which would make it more interesting. At least Tati used 2 but she seems to be a one trick pony cooking similar dishes for most challenges. Reminds me of what Sashi did last season. Both Ben and Blake failed and both could have and should have been eliminated. With all of the ingredients it was amazing that Ben chose ricotta and just flavored it and that Blake only used the bacon as a crumb. Contestants should know by now not to serve something that is bad and yet Blake put his gluey potatoes on the plate.


sorry Blake but if you think a deli challenge should end with a hunk of meat and potatoes . . .if you then can’t make potatoes without making glue. . . and if you think bacon should be crumbed. . . you totally deserve to go ..

Mind you, I loved the hypocritical judges dissing Ben’s lumps of stuff piped onto a plate as not enough – I seem to remember them raving about similar mounds of deconstructed crap when served up by some nice blonde youngster.

Tati is INDEED totally a one trick pony, but at least the trick is good and tasty and not likely to give you poisoning, which is not something I can say about the other contestants.
Starting to rate Abbey more based on the standard we are seeing, but cannot forgive her for crimes against television viewing.

Carole Morrissey

Ok I don’t remember ever seeing Blake before tonight so couldn’t really get invested in wanting him to stay. I leaned something new. I’ve only ever mashed potatoes by hand & never had the inkling to blend them. Had no idea that it would turn them to glue. Is this common knowledge? We knew straight away Tati was safe & it was between the two guys.

Carole Morrissey

Thanks Juz, that’s interesting.

big h

Thanks for the link Juz – one of the first disasters I had as a young cook. Mind you, a couple of spuds cooked with pumpkin/stock etc – then blended when cool – makes for a velvety soup.