MKR Mon – Unchristian bros cook

The blurb says: The year’s most explosive dinner party is here. We’re back at Josh and Austin’s bunker where they pray they’ll redeem themselves. As three guests storm off, the biggest bombshell is at the table.

So, another episode where we hardly see any cooking?

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Pete seemed to get immense pleasure from saying “ ballsy “


I really hope that the boys don’t screw this up, like their first instant restaurant (there have been disastrous instant restaurants before. That was apocalyptic). Like, I want them to succeed. I can’t sit through that again.

OTOH, the only thing we’re here for is Victor storming out, and Veronica accidentally revealing that Piper and Victor are rutting like crazed minks when the cameras aren’t rolling. So get on with it, channel 7.


Josh and Austin have slowly won me over. The brief glimpse we saw tonight of Mum and Dad explains it all. My heart broke for them when Austin says proudly “It looks really good” as they plated the mains. So far tonight everything they’ve cooked looks like baby food – budget baby food.


They were set up by channel 7 to fail. They had no interest in cooking, and hadn’t even watched the show before the producers repeatedly asked them to apply. I feel like, cheering against them is just doing what channel 7 wants. I also feel like their backstory is quite sympathetic (and Austin still feels like he’s somewhere on the spectrum).

Plus, Josh is a funny bastard.


Love or hate them, I do love the sibling love for each other. Love how tonight Josh said “ we did our best “ to Austin. It’s kinda a sweet.


Emerging from the kitchen to see three of their guests missing, Josh seems less surprised that there was a walk-out, and more surprised that he didn’t cause it.

Although she was goaded (and Romel is kind of a dick), Piper’s not coming across great here. She says to the teams that she had no contact with Victor … but Veronica then reveals that she’s sleeping with him. Meanwhile, Piper is going on and on about her own honesty. Y’know, obviously somebody is lying there.


From comments so far, tonight’s ep sounds very much like a soap opera:).

I’ll watch anyway, to see who takes out The Most Childish prize. Doesn’t seem as though it will be Josh or Austin, surprisingly.


So, ultimately the walk-out was basically … nothing?

Fuck you so hard, channel 7.

Meanwhile, Josh and Austin have served their meals on-time, and so far, they haven’t given anybody food poisoning with raw chicken. I mean, that’s a huge tick for those two goofballs.


Yep – like I said earlier today every single time we get sucked in by the promos we are left with a “was that all?”.


I really couldn’t care less that Piper and Victor hooked up. That’s really not the issue. Her mistake was trying to influence people to score him higher, and then denying that she sees him away from the competition.


Yeah, exactly. Romel’s making a big deal about the two of them hooking up … but the issue is that Piper is trying to influence the scores, and she’s lying through her teeth about the whole thing. Having “no contact” with Victor, I mean, you’ve having sex with him, Piper, so clearly there’s some contact involved.


Oh dear lord – did Channel 7 really need to show Victor and Piper gazing at each other straight after she mentioned soggy nuts??


Hah! You caught that too! I thought that was hilarious.


Interesting editing.


Piper: “I had really soggy nuts.” And then the camera cuts to Victor.

That is ice-cold, channel 7 editors. Ice-cold.


One thing I noticed about the boys tonight? Yeah, Josh is a snarky, smug, selfish ass, but listen to how often he was complimentary of Austin’s cooking, and how often he tried to beef up Austin’s confidence and self-esteem, when they were cooking.

I don’t think that was all about Josh, I don’t think he was acting for that. It seemed like he really wanted to make Austin feel confident about what he was doing. And I can respect that.


Romel is pure gutter trush… really an a-hole. He knows that Piper is playing bed hockey with Victor and wants it all out on camera. This is a cooking show and seriously trying to get Piper to confess in front of a camera is not on! This is not a murder trial etc etc! And agree with Victor.. all of a sudden he’s (Romel) high and mighty when he’s been strategic and an utter bastard the whole competition.

The biggest laugh were the shots of the producer telling Piper they need it to calm down! Great one there 7! Just said and magically put on film to protect themselves from outrage that the producers are goading it all.

Next year I hope they reset back to 70% cooking and 30% dynamics vs this 95% drama, 5% crap cooking.


No need for the drama or for the previews making it seem that it’s more than it was. So Victor and G walk out as does Piper but then they all come back. Most people around the table had already guessed that Piper and Victor were more than just platonic friends so much ado about nothing. Now if the 3 of them had walked out and actually left the show that would have been more interesting.
I actually hope that the Un-beauty queens get booted because of Piper. She is plastic both on the outside and the inside. As for Romel, he really did not need to stir the pot and then there was Victor with that angry, pouty look on his face. He and Piper belong together…..drama King and un-beauty Queen.


I think Andy is confused/deluded. Pecan pie is not a South American dish (Peru), it’s a Southern American dish as in the USA. She seems to think that almost every dish originates from Peru. I’m surprised she didn’t claim that Lobster Etouffee also originated in Peru.


Ooopppsss…Austin made a pecan tart although it was very similar to pecan pie. Neither pecan pies nor pecan tarts have originated from Peru.


Now we knew why the producers got the judges to score Victor and G higher in the sudden death cook off. They already knew about the hooking up between Victor and Piper and they want to exploit the situation.

Veronica slams producers for ‘sex scandal’ storyline.

Also the other teams already knew about their relationship. The surprise look about Piper sleeping with Victor is all fake.

Very low for Ch 7 to keep talking about the so call sex scandal. They are adults and they can sleep with whoever. It’s not a monastery.

brain dead dave

Sex on ze kitchen table can be fun. Ballsy.


Brings a whole new meaning to the phrase, “love in the kitchen”, doesn’t it?

brain dead dave

“Zere was a lot of loff on ze plait!”