House Rules weekly chat

House Rules is screening on Seven Mon-Wed at 7.30pm, then on Sunday at 7pm it’s the usual room reveal. Yet again they are spreading the judging over two nights – groan – with the home owners giving their scores on Monday.

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I hate the idea of split judging nights but I guess they know lots of people only tune in for judging nights. I feel like the girls would have been better suited for the block.


So a bit more news on the Caloundra team…

And, again, I preface this by saying that this is a very small town. My aunt and uncle own a house, a street away from the property that was renovated by the House Rules teams. My aunt was actually approached by the producers. In case of bad weather (and the weather on the Sunshine Coast lately has been atrocious. We haven’t had any fine weather since the start of April), the producers need somewhere outdoors but undercover to do their end-of-day interviews with the contestants, and so forth, and they asked her if they could use the carport. But my aunt was rushing off to work, that morning, and didn’t have time to sign all the paperwork (apparently there was a substantial amount of it).

I also don’t know how people feel about spoilers? But I can tell you a few spoilers about certain teams and how far they get in the competition, put it that way.


I’m not against spoilers as such, but not just yet.
I like to get to know the contestants first and become a little bit invested. Then I get excited, or I watch the elimination episode with a different, but interested, eye.
If I know they are going to leave too early then that investment never happens and I tend to move on and the show has lost me.
But for this show, I am really there for the room reveals more than knowing and caring about these people.