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It’s such a good thing that Dave + Anchor Guy backed Wardog on the Chris vote because it gave Wardog a chance to show them his trustworthiness in this vote. Or not…


Now I am glad that there is an Extinction Island. It’s not just one lucky dog who we were waiting to see the back of, but what appears to be a fun surprise for everyone. I look forward to see where they take this.
Hell she is stunningly beautiful, but I would have preferred Laruen out. David looked worried.


I think David is in a great position. Wardog betrays someone every episode. He hasn’t yet betrayed Wentworth or Lauren, so he is certain to do it soon and his chances to betray them are limited to the pre-merge.

Carole Morrissey

When David was interviewed before the game, he said he practised heaps & heaps of puzzles & all different types but he still had trouble with the puzzles.
Well that tribe swap sucked. Hopefully they’ll have another switch around.


Yes – it must be way harder in the stress of the game.

Sioux Denim

Am so looking forward to seeing how the EI players get back in the game….how’s Reem when they all arrive…stop your whinging, we’ve all been double crossed and betrayed…love it!

I really liked Rick, he had a strong social game, hope to see more of him…get rid of Joe, Aubrey and Wemtworth before the merge!


I agree. I think it is a blindside for Aubry and Victoria (who I thought was a non event) has planned this out. I like Eric, but it is a good strategy to get rid of him. . . Well, it would have been without the Edge of Extinction trick!


well Juz – it was the blindside! and I must say, masterfully executed by Victoria.


Just catching up, but I too am now glad of the second chance, now that I have lost two of my favourites. Both betrayed by Wardog. He seems to be totally focused on “making big moves” and has no idea about making friends/allies or winning challenges. In hindsight, it was clear that he had told Lauren that she was safe and not to use her idol. Therefore, she must have told him about it – silly girl.

Reem and Keith really are a waste of space. I was developing some sympathy for Reem but her narkiness to Chris and Rick has reminded me that I wasn’t unhappy about her elimination. Either way, though, it is worth Chris and Rick cultivating the other two, because if they are a new tribe they will want to be on good terms – if they are competing, it doesn’t matter.

I think Victoria is very dangerous – she seems to be willing to do anything. It was funny how Wendy’s new tribe all thought she was lovely – for about five minutes – until they realised she is mad. Only another tribe swap (or lack of TCs) will save her now.

Annoyed to see the plan to go through Joe’s stuff. I thought that was a no-no. But was the girl telling the truth when she said there was nothing? It might be worth her while to keep it mum if she did find an idol.

I suppose by now my comments are irrelevant, as the double ep has happened. Let’s see if I am way off track!


Agree, Fijane. Keith is so “ho hum”. I can’t bear oldergirls or women trying to act cute (poomvey), so I cannot bear Wendy. I hope she never gets a call back. She is not crazy. She is a phoney.