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Thanks to channel 7’s stellar promotional campaign for the show, we know that Victor and G will survive the elimination tomorrow night.

Which means that whoever comes last in tonight’s episode is goneski. I hope it’s one of the really annoying teams. Like, I don’t know, all of them?

big h

Worth watching, if not just to see the mandatory gluttony. Colin, Pete and the exempt contestants – Ibby, Romel, Victor and G – downed seven meals at three different locations. I half expected them to stop halfway through and purge at the side of the road.


Pete probably just had some activated almonds and stared at the sun for a little while until he felt better.


So tomorrow night it’s Lyn/Sal versus Victor/G?

Except we know that Victor and G survive into the next round, so, goodbye Lyn and Sal. I think it’s probably quite telling about how low the ratings have been, this year, that 7 didn’t think twice about spoiling future events, and rendering an entire week’s worth of episodes totally worthless. And if they don’t care, I certainly don’t either.


The preludes to the cooking are getting sillier and sillier. If it’s meant to be a huge deal to be at the SCG, why not just have some coin tosses to determine who cooks where?

The cricket guys say it’s their dream to cook at the SCG. Really, dudes, you’ve always wanted to cook there, rather than play there? Crapola. And why can’t that one grown man tie his own apron?


Brussels sprouts salad with a dressing that looks like vomit. Yum.


Thought the quality of the cooking is supposed to get better as the show wears on… I guess they’re all out of ideas! Even Manu doesn’t want to be around anymore for these challenges.

I wonder what overdone promo for what Piper has done is really worth watching.

ps: Lyn and Sal’s cookies at Coles are vomit!


I was gonna keep an eye out for their cookies, but they’re awful? Figures.