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“The only reason to go to Newtown would be to pick up some essential oils or get an STI.”

I know he’s a tool, I do, but by gosh, Josh can make me laugh.


I laughed at that, too, and then thought “dammit – I am laughing at Josh!”. I also liked Peruvian’s take on hipsters liking messy food that gets stuck in their beards.


We knew Victor and G were at the supper instant restaurant. So who ever they cook against in the sudden death will be gongski


Yeah, channel 7 ruined the whole point of the next couple of episodes because we already know that Victor and G survive to the next round.


I don’t know that brewers are the best judges of food tonight, whether the food is made with beer or not. The cooking time is too short.

I can incorporate stout in a few dishes, but not effectively in an hour.


What is wrong with Piper? You don’t reach out and touch a stranger’s baby. Talk to, yes, touch, absolutely not. Stupid, stupid woman.

Somebody commented about her asking for a score of 10. It is no more attractive tonight than it was last night when most of them were grovelling for 10’s from the diners. What a display of ugliness this show has become.


Shyte episode was shyte…. that’s all I have to say about that!