MKR Mon – Strangers cook

Can Milly and Karolina work well together in the kitchen? Milly strikes me as a baker.

MKR is getting slaughtered in the ratings by MAFS – on Sunday the number of people who watched Ines and Sam pretend to care about anything was more than double the audience who watched Pete and Manu chewing.

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brain dead dave

My Kitchen Used To Rule. Alas, I knew thee well, when the ratings flowed like molten gold. Kicking Ma$terchef in the guts. We met people incapable of boiling potatoes.

Ten years. No one took up my generous offer of a MKR hessian shopping bag.

I feel for Pete and Manu. They have no other skillz besides bullshitting about food.


Still more skills than half the contestants.

As predicted, two people who are total strangers don’t seem to work well in a highly-stressful culinary environment. Who knew? Apparently tomorrow night, they set the elimination kitchen on fire. Good for them.

Although, if Milly and Karolina had put “Passive Aggressive Side-eyes” on the menu, the teams would’ve had to give them both solid 10s.


I watched more of DWTS tonight, but saw some of this. Who would have thought that Milly would be the bossy one, and that Karolina would submit to her more often than not. It was boring, and I couldn’t tell you right now what any of their dishes were.

Son of mother and son has turned into a very critical smart ass. Meh woman is just a pain in the butt. And the beauty queens are delusional.

Things I would like never to hear again: the word “strategic”, the phrase “chalk and cheese”, and any play on words related to cricket.


Something must of gone down for the producers to want two controversial teams into elimination so early! I did sense that Milly was not as innocent as it seems… they’re very much like a Lenny and George relationship.

I guess they’re supposed to be short lived, hence why that kitchen and lack of space… Karolina’s kitchen was huge in her intro promo…


Thought that Karolina was irritating but Milly is worse. She’s bossy and acts like a know it all. The inside of that oven was filthy and disgusting and yucky that she tasted the sauce and then has Karolina immediately taste from the same spoon. Guess the producers made them use that tiny kitchen even though they said that they drew straws or rolled the dice or whatever (I don’t remember.). Makes absolutely no sense that they weren’t able to use Karolina’s kitchen since it is supposed to be larger or have access to another more spacious kitchen but then the brothers in group 1 also had to use a teeny tiny kitchen. Cooking at Milly’s apartment and then serving at the neighbor’s was just stupid.
Watching the way that the entrees and the desserts were plated was unbelievable. Milly throwing the salad on top of the pork balls and then putting that coconut stuff around the outside, no organization and no care at all. Don’t understand why they didn’t use bowls or glasses and layer the dessert into those.
Don’t care which of the two teams is eliminated. As far as I’m concerned they can both be eliminated and they can take MEH and friend with them.


Pete and Manu look tired, they must be paying them a lot for them to persevere with this. Enough is enough, after tonight there will be 14 teams, that means 14 challenges to eliminate them all, that it way too much.
I don’t even know any of their names and there is no favourite that is worth cheering on. I think there might be 2 boy teams in this second round but all we know is an obnoxious American, an obnoxious tall stranger girl and meh. From the first round I only remember an obnoxious young guy and an obnoxious guy with an accent.
If the show worked I should be thinking that I can’t wait to see all the teams again because I really love ??(insert name here).
Colin, I really love Colin.


This is pretty sad. Even our snark is limited – it just does not sound like a show worth pursuing – and it used to be such a favourite of mine. Not good to see the rapid deterioration.


It’s just so boring, this year. Manu said an interview last year where he said they’d address the issue of teams specifically chosen to be obnoxious and abrasive (after they threw a team out of the competition for, essentially, law-breaking behaviour). But they didn’t learn a damn thing. It’s still forced and contrived, with teams cast for shock value, not because they know a damn thing about food. And since we’ve seen it all before, there’s nothing here worth talking about.

The ratings should be telling 7 the story, here, but I guarantee they’re not learning the lesson.


They’re already working on the 2020 edition.. Title change will occur.. I think they’re tossing between: “Married at first cook”, “My wedding rules”..


“Cooking at First Sight”
“I’m Not a Cook (chef)….Get Me Out of Here”


Yes. The show is so scripted that there is no more surprises. Just so so boring.

I don’t buy what the judges said to the media. To me they will be told what to say and what not to say.

brain dead dave

Yes. Call it a toxic party.


“There’s a lethal amount of arsenic in just one of these sixteen dishes… it’s up to the contestants to figure out which one!”