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So it turns out that one of the Group 2 contestants is psychic. Yeah, really. She can’t seem to tell us who the winner will be, though. Dave, I know you’re not watching this season, but I feel like, you wanna handle this one, brother? 🙂

Meanwhile, not content with enough forced, contrived drama, MKR has taken a page out of the MAFS playbook, and paired two random people (who are polar opposites, in terms of personalities) just to see how they react.

When Karolina told Milly, “You are just perfect” or something similar, you could see on her face and in her voice, what she was actually saying was something closer to, “I want to end you and feed you to my goldfish.” But Milly just giggled and laughed along.

brain dead dave

I can find out the winner for sure. Take a couple of phone calls, but that would make me as bad as the producers.

Then again, if we all put the money on slowly , we could give $portsbet a few headaches. Why should horse trainers have all the fun?


Go to sportsbet and you can see the winner of MKR. Sportsbet have not been wrong (almost) with all the winners for reality shows that have been filmed earlier. Even if they are out, the Top 3 are still accurate but maybe not in the right order


The mother and son team seem normal enough, but they need to stop kissing each other.

Mum wants 5 hours for the shanks, son wants 6 hours for the jelly to set. It’s 1 1/2 hours until the others arrive. Let’s telegraph where the dramas are going to be, MKR.

Why does everyone buy their seafood/protein first and then leave it in the car while they do the Coles promotion bit? Even with the stuff in a styrofoam box, that’s kind of risky.


To be honest I’ve never seen lamb shank at Coles ever… I find it miraculous that during these instant restaurants a lot of the proteins or special ingredients that I usually never see are suddenly on a Coles shelf in abundance!


My local Coles (Oatley NSW) have lamb shanks – $14.00 kg. In the meat section and there is also a ready-meal available.


I’m in love – John is adorable – move over Windsong – just wish I was 10 years younger.


What is it about handsome fellas who can cook? 😉


John is a Mamma’s boy. He will remain single forever.


Actually he’s been married for 2 years.


The mum said they are very close. He was borned with a hole in the heart and they can’t operate on him until he was 22 months old. Maybe that is why the mum just has the extra bond with John


Yay – people who can cook! Will Mum be able to keep her cool in the public challenges, though? She’s a bit teary. Millie is going to be eaten alive by Carolina.


Lisa will be a liability further on in the competition. It won’t take much for some of the other teams to psych her out.


Well the producers had to think quick and find a way to uplift the quality of the food this year.

Step 1… somehow give over inflated scores in the elimination (those cooks should not have given them scores in the 80 in comparison to the instant restaurant scoring).

Step 1… make the first team in the 2nd round of instant restaurants create MKR history. Yes the dishes were good but not 6 x 10 worthy…. even with strategic scoring averaging 8/10 by the other teams show it wasn’t as perfect as Manu and Pete want us to believe.

The mother and son can cook… but when she’s out of her kitchen on a challenge or an elimination she’ll crumble into a sooky heap. If her son’s single every lady in the country is going to stay away… because who’d want an overly huggy, kissy, I love you mother-in-law like that.


Psychic Anne has cropped up on telly before somewhere I’m sure of it she looks super familiar. Anyone know where?


Can’t watch tonight. Might be a good thing. No power for 6 hrs already and I don’t think it will be back on for another day!!