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Ridiculous to make him cook in a white long sleeve shirt


Posted this on an old thread by mistake –

I already don’t buy that Carol-Lina’s feelings are hurt by “the Word”, mainly because to get hurt feelings first you must have feelings. She’s shown zero evidence of feelings or sensitivity so far in the short amount of time we’ve seen her. She’ll milk this for all the drama, attention and screen time she can get.

Also read that John and his wife are having trouble trying to start a family. Psychic Anne, though, has predicted that John’s wife will soon fall pregnant. That strikes me as a little irresponsible.


Is the word “transvestite”? If it is, big fucking deal. Knowing MKR, I’ll guess that there is a lot of shouting and some tears afterward.

That’s not an insult. At one of my jobs, a co-worker told me, after I’d been there for months, that they all thought I was gay when I first started. My reaction was oh, okay, I’m not, but whatever.

Being called, or thought of, as gay or a transvestite is not insulting. The person using either word to be hurtful has the problem, not the person called either.

Call me a liar or a thief or or a puppy-abuser, I will take umbrage.

brain dead dave

Maybe it was “cheap transvestite” ~From Transylvania. I guess Craig Mac Lachlan has done the occupation/ lifestyle/ identity harm.

Of course , being a transvestite has a heap to do with cooking, too. MKR~ mediocre kitchen rubbish.


Your last sentence gave me a laugh, Dave. True, though, how did the subject even come up at the table?

I was going to have it on as background noise anyway, but now I have to pay attention for a while.


Beauty queen started talking about first impression of Karolina… how this tall loud woman in yellow came into the room…. then hairdresser friend lady just blurted.. I thought you were a tran.


And then she apologised? Sounds like a normal social faux-pas to me, no big deal, situation finished.


I don’t know where i got transvestite from. What the other woman actually said was “trans”, perhaps meaning transgender. Why would anyone say that to someone they barely know, in a social situation?

But, again, it’s not an insult. Stupid show.

brain dead dave

Psychics prey on people’s hopes and fears. Anne shouldn’t be on the show because she’d know all the scores being given. And that is , according to Manu ~ “shitting”


She should already know who wins, shouldn’t she?


Dessert is terror mazoo, *snort*.


Only decent things gleaned from last nights snooze-fest.

1. Frenemies will be hooking up at some point (Woman’s day spread), pregnant and very much in love.
2. Karolina is a paid actor (as is her paired partner)… contained herself well enough after being so rudely offended. But I suppose they must of edited some mediation session out between the two of them.
3. Beauty queens are the ones to really keep an eye on… mean ladies!


3. So true, smiling assassins with big “American teeth” as my mother would say.