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“I feel it in my waters … the psychic can’t cook.”

But why didn’t she already know that?


How can you make short crust pastry without the butter. And did she just add the butter to the claggy dough and said it is good now???


I wonder if they knew who were at the door?


Far out! The confidence from the pageant ladies in contests is just to walk and smile. No skills involved.

It is different to cooking. You must know how to cook, not just confidence

big h

Is it just me, but does Bianca remind anyone else of Leah Remini (King of Queens)?


Sticky date pudding.
With butter scotch sauce.
Just yum.
With one dish, these people have become my favourites. Forever.


I wish they’d stop saying “cock-a-van”.


Sorry, psychic lady, I will refer to you forever as Effie.


So far the best episode of the season… seemed that at least there was some focus on the cooking. Do wonder if the producers got Manu and Pete to adjust their scores a bit to ensure they got a mid 90s score to keep the mystique over her psychic abilities going.

Really disliking beauty (ugly) queens.


Don’t mind psychic and friend at all. They seem pleasant and can cook. Edit was good with more time given to the cooking than to the contestants mindless chatter and bickering.
Beauty Queens = Ursula and Maleficent. Cold hearted and ugly on the inside.
Karolina negates everything Milly says. Since Milly is usually positive I wonder what would happen if she criticizes a course. Will Karolina then praise it? Can’t imagine the two of them in the kitchen together. Wonder what score Milly would have awarded that team. Karolina seems to be in control of the scoring and doesn’t care what Milly thinks. Karolina is probably there to advertise the “designer” shoes and clothes she sells.


Adding: Karolina just opened her online store this year and all of the items she is selling have been pre-worn by her.


Size 8!! How can a woman that tall be a size 8??