I’m a Celeb – Daisy’s Spew Tube recap

Thank you to Daisy for the recaps.

Tonight’s IAC included a few heart to heart chats, some conflict resolution, true confessions, tension and laughs. It was Angie’s birthday so fellow campers tried to bring some birthday cheer. Camper Richard donned a pair kid gloves to give Jethro a little advice on how to be a better person and temper his reactions. But then Richard and Angie (Rangie when they are whispering), continue to refer to Justin as “she”. It gets on my personal goat that they take the high road, but then divert through the underpass. Here we are helping Justin be a better human, but then sniggering behind his back. But you know, we all have our different triggers.

The Tucker task was spew tube and I got a few pics. Natasha actually looked more lovely covered in poop and goop than she normally does.

Yvie demonstrated her ability to snore like a wilderbeast. Luke shoved avocado nuts in his mouth and did a Wallace and Grommit impression. Justine was back in the kitchen cooking up a treat. Running out of her own fantastic material, Julia had to copy Luke’s comedy routine and filled her mouth with nuts too.
Natasha praised Luke on his temperament, then wished she hadn’t when Luke spent the next 1/2 an hour explaining it.
For a jungle soirée, the campers were treated to a slideshow night that included a collection of pics from their tucker trials. Angie had a birthday message from someone; a friend or sister, and they all sat down to chocolate cake, popcorn and chips.
Justin finally apologized to Angie. He was waiting for it to come from the heart. The apology was graciously received by Angie and they hugged it out.

And now…and now….and now, Julia will hobble out in some riciculous laced hoofs for the announcement of the next evictee.
In no particular order…….Justine…it might be you…..Luke…..it might be you…..Justin…..it might be you. The celebrity to leave the jungle…..Justine, it’s you. You can all eat beans now.

Justine for Bachelorette.

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I was sorry that Justine left, but hats off for lasting so long. She was just beautiful and natural – her cranky moments and control freak moments were natural and reasonable. The fact that she is quiet and reasoned and took a long time to come up with a personal download instead of bombarding us was to her credit.
It does seem that she has a genuine bond with Natasha – I loved their non bitchy supportive friendship.
I do agree with Julia who said her natural beauty shone out without makeup. My family thinks she should hook up with Dr Chris!


Also I particularly enjoyed her horrified reaction to the “Justine for Bachelorette” suggestion! GOLD. Way too classy to do that.


My thought, too – she would never stoop to that.


It wasn’t just Angie’s birthday it was the bloody Angie show. What, is Channel 10 wanting to put her in some future shows or something; with all her yeahs during any conversation, that is going to be one dull host.


I wondered that too, Bolders. It was a completely Angie-focused show. I fear we are being groomed for a winner and she is being given a super positive edit to try to achieve it. However much she was righteous in her spat with Justin (and I am sure his overwhelming focus on himself is hard to take), they both behaved like brats.
Mind you, I did enjoy the rescue puppies coming to the picnic – that was lovely. Hats off to Yvie for not spoiling it for her either – she caught sight of the puppies and didn’t give it away – the more I see of her the more I think she is unselfish and kind. Really wish she could win!

Carole Morrissey

Oh, Justine’s gone. Who is going to cook for them now? Thank God we don’t have to hear that stupid voice over guy tell us not to mix them up any more.


Yes, Justine is a class act. Lovely in and out.
Please, please don’t let head of the school cool group, Angie win. She claims she hates bullying but calls Justine, “she” and “Aliesha”, knowing full well that he has no friends bar Richard. She hides her mean girl fairly well by being super cute and nice to everyone else.
I get why people wouldn’t like Justin, but most of them, aside from Richard don’t call him names, and she is the only one who can’t say his name, real or otherwise without a sneer. The lip curl. Sorry Angie but you are the popular girl I don’t like…..and I like plenty of popular girls, but they have managed to not look down on others. I think that’s it. She actually looks down on him. You can dislike someone, but when you look down on them, it says just as much about you.
Angie is probably just a vain, but knows to hide her vanity. 😙


Does anyone else suspect that they might be keeping on putting Justin in the bottom three to garner more votes?


Didn’t Natasha look pretty. No really.


I think she’s done.
Can Justine sing? Even if she can’t I’d prefer that to Ali.


Ali has destroyed the franchise. She is living in a bubble. She believes she is good in many things.

Justine was the sweetheart on the first MC. She still is.

brain dead dave

“Oetjen showed off her singing skills in a promo for The Bachelorette last year, performing The Supremes’ You Can’t Hurry Love”

Really? That is some of the most shithouse lip syncing I’ve ever seen.

My guess is Ali swings better than she sings.


Justin is kind of in Laurina’s category. The unpopular diva. The underdog. He doesn’t conform to, “You can know you’re pretty, just pretend you don’t. And definitely don’t say it”.


Yes, that is who he reminds me of.


I hate to be shallow here (or maybe I don’t) but it’s not possible for Ali to have a career in media, of any description, because she has rabbit teeth. They are too distracting and I can’t hear or see anything else while they are on display.
And have you noticed that she opens her mouth really wide for every photo without really smiling?
I’m as shallow as a puddle in the sun. I’m sure she’s very nice in real life.


😂😂 I hate to be shallow…but here is beauty…