Survivor: Surely Christian is next

Christian survived Gabby’s coup attempt last week but surely he can’t last much longer. Everyone will be scrambling, trying to find the idol that has been rehidden.

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Even Jeff maybe felt he’d gone too far when he talked about keeping your balls together and then added ‘in this challenge’.

I liked Christian at the start. I though he’d become one of the greats. Blowing up his alliance for no obvious gain except giving his closest friend and ally a chance to boot him has dropped my estimate a lot. And then complaining about Nick after blowing up the alliance was just a tad strange.

Angelina is as bad at begging as she is at negotiating.

Mike seems to have serious trouble making up his mind.

I may have to run screaming down the road if Alison makes another speech about how much influence she has.

I’ve really got no idea who makes the finale. I cannot see Alison or Angelina there. Angelina’s jury speech would be horrendous.

What a great season. I’d really like Nick and Davie to be there. I think Davie could have trouble making a good jury speech.


I have a feeling Christian is used to being the brightest person in the room and that’s not necessarily the case on this beach. He was unaware of how badly he had offended Nick and equally unaware of the viper he was harbouring in his bosom. His exit speech showed no understanding of how much he isolated himself with the Carl blindside.

Carole Morrissey

Oh yes, Jef with all the balls comments. Funniest was when he paused then said in this challenge.


Can’t get the ruddy 9now site to play the episode – can anyone tell me did I miss anything of interest (especially re Christian) in the first ten minutes? My power came back on as Nick and Davie were playing for the win in the reward challenge.


Yes, Tina. It was another good episode.


My best moment; Davey deciding to be loyal to Nick afterall.
My worst moment; Mike telling Nick that Davey was out to get him, blowing up thenew Davey/Nick bond. I think they need each other but that’s stuffed now.

Christian seemed to get dirtier, crazier and more hunched over every day. I think he was turning into a slater beetle.


So, Davie works hard to put the target on Nick, but then retracts when he decides Nick is nice after all. Meanwhile, Mike quite truthfully tells Nick about the plan. But no-one votes for Nick, and he has wasted his idol. He must conclude that Mike was lying, and therefore, Davie comes out smelling as fresh as a daisy, but he is the one who caused the issues. At the same time, Mike has convinced enough to vote Christian. Will that be seen as good play, or make him a danger? And I missed who it was who was gunning for Davie?

And, at what stage does anyone look at Kara, and worry about the possibility that she could build a case in a final TC?

Carole Morrissey

Oh, the fake idol makes a return. But as usual he fucked up. Most weren’t fooled.
And another wasted idol. But better to play it & not need it then not play it & go home with it.
For those home during the day Go are airing the finale during the day at the same time as the US.


I agree it was better for him to be safe. It was galling for him, but I think he had every reason to be nervous, and it was reasonable to play it.

He will just need to get up early (again) and beat Davie to the next one. And, once again, he was runner up for immunity, so that it always a possibility.


I just watched the weirdest Ponderosa ever seen.


I was looking for him to write ‘Number of alliances I belonged to that targeted me = 5’ but it seems to have been edited out.