Family Food Fight: Week 2

Since I watched the finale of Great British Bake Off the other day, I need to get my cooking show fix from Family Food Fight. Yes, there’s a bit of contrived drama and playing to camera but, generally, contestants have some cooking skills and are kind to each other.

Not missing Hayden at all.

Tonight (Sunday): A surprise two-round elimination will see one family’s time in the competition come to an end. To survive, they must face a quick-fire cook and Anna’s toughest challenge yet – a giant chocolate pinata.
Monday: It’s the trawler challenge: each family must brave high seas to catch their own crabs, and then cook them for 20 hungry fishermen. Competition is high, with the first game changer of the series on the line.
Tuesday: It’s an epic, two-part battle to be safe from the next elimination, where this season’s new game changers will be revealed. It all kicks off with a rival relay challenge, where some highly strategic tactics will be unleashed.

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I don’t care if they can cook but I can’t stand the Afghanistan’s sisters


The short one needs to stop playing to camera. I watched one of their video recipe how tos and they were much calmer on that

brain dead dave

The contestants could make Anna the pinata and knock the chocolate out of her. Strike me pink.

Carole Morrissey

That pinata was ridiculous. And having to make the lollies inside too. Most normal people would just buy them at the shops.
I really felt for that guy who couldn’t get his chocolate to melt properly. I’ve had many stuff ups with chocolate. Sometimes it just won’t melt properly & goes all lumpy.

Carole Morrissey

That team that had never cooked crab before, why didn’t they ask how to do it? Leaving the fucking gills in. Yuk. That’s why I buy crab already cooked. Even then it’s hard enough getting all the meat out without all that yukky cartilage.


I would have been asking the fishermen how to do it.


Ridiculous challenge tonight. Relay challenge with 2 teams working together for 15 mins block but must cook a savoury and dessert in 1 hr.

Also one group has no power for 30 mins. Might as well go home.


One of these powers tonight is turning off lights and power for one team? What the hell, is this Chopped? This shit is just mean and designed to heighten animosity between families.

I’m disappointed; the show is getting petty and just stupid. Frigging MKR seems to have passed its attitudes on to other shows.

Carole Morrissey

Yes, exactly. I don’t like these game changers, they are mean. I would rather the winning team get an advantage then be able to sabotage another team. And I don’t like the Afghani team. They seem really nasty & are really up themselves. Really hope they don’t win.