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I’m not watching whole episodes of FFF. I seem to think of something else to do and then wander off before the tasting and judging.

I liked the Alatinis but they’re gone. I don’t like the foul-mouthed woman and her over-indulgent mother, and cannot stand the two in the green-trimmed aprons.

Since I have little idea who are the better cooks, I’ll go for the brothers-in-law from WA as the winners, simply because they seem to be nice.



I have the TV on in the background and then do other things.

I still think Anna is pointless. Hardly say much and then come up with the ridiculous elimination challenge.

Also sick of the Italians ( mum and daughter ) making pasta all the time.

Don’t get me started with the Samadis. Cooking rice dishes all the time.

brain dead dave

Awful to watch that beautiful Red Emperor destroyed by ham fisted filleting. You see it too often on cooking shows.

Not much on tv tonight~ this is terrible but it is what it is…

brain dead dave

For all that, the poor bloody fish is “inedible” and those idiots are smiling.

brain dead dave

Come on, ffs, chicken in a blender. I thought Avocado in a blender was ott.

Pureed chicken, the new thang. The new “deconstructed”.


Hope Tom doesn’t eat like that when he’s at Clarence House with Charles
I only dip into this now and then but those Afghani sisters are shockers, one of them in particular!


This is hilarious. Most of us aren’t enjoying the show very much but are still watching, if intermittently.

FFF is disappointing this year; last year was better and more focused on the cooking, however inept it was at times.

I agree with Littlepetal that Anna’s contribution is minimal. Matt waits to say anything until the Pommy guy gives an opinion, and both guys chew open-mouthed at times. Yuk. As much as I dislike some of the contestants, the judges are annoying and may as well phone in their amateurish-sounding (nice, great, good, lovely) critiques.


Final four and one team purées chicken and another does not know to cut the skin off fish for ceviche ….

Carole Morrissey

Ha ha, I would have been glad to be given the time out & enjoyed having a rest while my partner did all the work. I’m very lazy.
I’m glad the Afghani girls finally had to cook a protein.