US Survivor: what did you think of the premiere?

Are you a David or a Goliath?
Some thoughts: Pat was a great shelter builder and was horribly unlucky but that guy was not going to last beyond second tribal.
Did anyone else think lawyer-from-the-holler guy was doing a Fairplay and lying about his addict mum? That was my first thought. Guess I’ve watched too much Survivor!
That older Goliath woman with the dreads is a goner.
Wrestler dude will at least make the merge.
You know the weather is REALLY bad in Fiji when the local boaties actually don wet weather gear.
Champions – I mean Goliaths – are rubbish at building shelters.
Is Probst going to cry if a David does not win the season? He’s selling the ludicrous concept so hard …

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Thanks, Juz.
I thought Pat was going home first vote, although it seems that very annoying people at the start (the bossy ones) don’t always necessarily go first. I think most people end up thinking that they will be easy to get rid of later.
I think purplehair is going to feature heavily, at least at the start. The female champion in the challenge got annoying very quickly – she seems to rate herself highly. I agree about wrestler-guy. He seemed to be blowing his own trumpet but then at the end sort of turned the joke against himself which was a little endearing. I can see him having a good social game.

The nerd (Christian?) is obviously super technically smart. it will be interesting if he lasts with his very strange personality, though.

Yes, I thought the lawyer with the Mom story was faking it, until he seemed to be just as upset in the to-camera. I do wonder, though, about his motives in bringing the story out at that time. The whole segment seemed to be one-upmanship – who has the saddest backstory.

I can’t actually see much difference between the tribes at this point. The line between good luck and hard work seems blurred for all the contestants. I think when they mix or merge the lines will not be as defined as the champions/contenders.

Nice long episode last night. Maybe they have learnt from the Aus version. But I was suspicious when there was less than 15 mins to go, and we still weren’t at TC yet.


Lawyer Guy has Hantz disease. People always notice if you don’t do any work. And audiences grind their teeth.

Carole Morrissey

The first episode of the US version has usually been 90 mins. But the last couple they haven’t done so. Maybe people complained.


No-one really grabs me much yet. Maybe Robotics Guy. Maybe Cowgirl. The Gorillas, I mean Goliaths, are not coming over well, but that is probably the edit.


It’s too early to choose favourites, or ones we don’t like. I enjoy US Survivor.

Carole Morrissey

I read the Survivor tweets during the day so knew Pat got medically evacuated so was watching him extra carefully to see what happened to him. When he was hanging in that tree I thought that was going to be it. I thought he was going to fall out. But as it happened it didn’t happen on camera. They take them by boat to & from the challenges & they have a black out & are not allowed to talk because they are not being filmed. It’s a bit early to have a favourite.


hi guys – I know I’m being thick but when is this screening?
I have found the first two on catch up but want to make sure i record the rest!
Will watch the catch up before indulging in your comments 🙂