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Carol without the E

Am I on my own here when I say Sara seems like she’s half pissed at the buyer’s results? Maybe she’s hitting the wine to soften the bad judging!

brain dead dave

“Indigenous Furniture”

Because Ch 9 have loads of indigenous people on The $chlock, don’t they?


This is an entirely skip-able episode. Courtney dancing. Courtney winking. Courtney pretending to skate . Courtney faux- friending Sara (Don’t they both work for Virgin?)
Beat up with VIC cheating. As they said during the Monopoly challenge there are no rules on the Block. They played innocent on getting their lights well below the 50% discount allowable.

You Foodz challenge been dragged out.


Agree with you Maz. Nothing worth watching and I tried but I wound up fast forwarding through most of it. I think my total watching time added up to about
8-10 minutes.


Totally agree. I hope Courtney can’t stand to watch herself as much as I can’t stand to watch her.

brain dead dave

Best warning of all time, Maz. Dodged the lot.

Geez, tonight $cotty or Cassie’s single date where’s she’s falling out of the skimpiest bikini ever seen? Yaz can’t beat quality Aussie next level television.


This is rapidly turning into another missable episode.

40 minutes in and they still have not completed the You Foodz challenge.

Rather, the girls have been busted again for the electrician painting part of the pelmet. Fined $1000 (donation to Father Bob’s charity).


Alice Walkabout is won by Courtney and Hans. Not for any great vision but for their dramatics.

Alice is shredding her credibility.


The episode gets worse. Dave Hughes makes an appearance.


YouFoodz winner is Norm and Jess.


Bianca never apologises for anything! Nor does Carla it seems. As if Bianca wouldn’t know about the cost of light fittings etc – her Dad’s a builder, and she’s already done up a place before.