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SA: Apart 1
Shaynna: Quality of the room was amazing. Meticulous and clearly done by perfectionists.
Neale: It’s light, bright and spacious. They will need take risks as the season progresses.
Darren: They need to up the luxe factor and it needs more personality.

The judges note that the tiles do not line up.

Spence will need to spend $$ and not try and do everything himself otherwise he will burn out.


WA: Apart 2
The judges like the ‘stunning’ choice of the terrazzo tile as it gives the room ‘personality’. It is a subtle nod to the art deco heritage of the building and St Kilda. (Okay then).
Shaynna likes the quirky sad face pot on the window still. (Conveniently available from the Block Shop.) Thank God for hanging plant, utters Shayna, otherwise the bathroom risk been a white box.


NSW: Apartment 3

Neale does not like the bathroom and feels that it is not high end enough for a $2 million apartment. It looks cheaper than it should. He is not a fan of the plant installation.

Shaynna feels that the styling is very weak, “shove, shove, shove, bang…”but hey, the QLDers have shoved candles and hand pumps everywhere as well. Shaynna feels there are too many heroes and it is ‘try hard’.

Darren likes the tile choice but thinks the team was too scared to take on a penthouse as they are not confident with a modern interior. He hates the sconces and the architraves.


We don’t know. We missed two episodes so there may have been an explanation contained within.

The only one we know that changed the dimensions of their bathroom was the SA couple.

brain dead dave

Shaynna’s tasseled bracelet must be the latest thing in “weak styling”. It is real try hard. But it feels so expensive.


QLD: Apartment 4
Upon entering the apartment, Darren over emotes, “Woah…how could you not choose this apartment? This is the best apartment in the building.”

It has the luxury of extreme height. Neale declares the Japanese Maple his favourite tree ever. Can we ask you that again come Autumn?
Shayna loves the backlit marble niches. It makes it feel so much more expensive.
The bathtub looks like stone but is plastic. Over-hyped preview. The judges love it.
Drawback of the bathroom is the towel rail is not in the right position and there is not enough storage.


Surely her builder husband would have noticed the Gumtree “stone” bath was plastic??


Agree Juz about the curtins, apart fomr the mold issue, they just didn’t look right in a bathroom.
Am really surprised at the judges reaction to the plastic bath. Does that mean they will be happy with the couples style from kmart?!
Also how much does Shayna store in a bathroom?! Surely these places will have separte linen cupboards and massive walk in robes with vanities for make up and such. You shouldn’t store make up in a bathroom anyways.


VIC: Apartment 5
The judges felt that the risky choice of the big slab of stone and timber ceiling paid off.
Neale felt that the frosting decal on the windows is offensive.
Shaynna feels that the bathroom is “corporate St Kilda” but it has no storage.


VIC 8.5,8.5,8=25
QLD: 8.5,8,8=24.5
NSW: 8,6.5,7=21.5
WA: 8.5,8.5,8.5 = 25.5(winner)
SA: 7.5, 7,8=22.5

brain dead dave

Livin’ it up in a plastic bathtub at The Gatwick, hell yeah, it feels so expensive. You’d never know it was plastic , but this is Ch9 and The Schlock is the best they’ve got.

That Japanese Maple is rooted and not in a good way.

Thanks , Maz. Had to watch Russell Coight for half hour.


Female Qlder, ‘everyone’s been telling me Qlders are backwards.’ Pays for a stone bath, it’s plastic. Pays for another stone bath, it’s plastic. But, but still wins. So I guess Qlders aren’t backwards. Oh I’m really confused now.


Plastic bath in penthouse may look good but far from luxe and can’t believe judges thought it was perfect. Also can’t believe that they raved over the Japanese maple. Who would want to rake up the leaves? Who would want to deal with the water draining out of the pot unless there are no drainage hole/s which, of course, would not be good for the plant. Buyer would be smart to move that plant outside.
Good that arrogant couple was slammed quite hard. They think they are the best. I don’t think coming in last, though, will change their attitude. Wall garden was horrible. I hated the glossy white tiles and the wall sconces.
Older couple needs to stop trying to be so cheap and hire tradies instead of trying to do all the work by themselves.


What struck me with the bathroom reveal was how an all white bathroom a few years ago was chic and contemporary but now is looking a bit bland and dated.

I liked the last team’s bathroom with the wood and other textures.


Thank goodness the black/dark grey bathrooms seem to be on the way out, but where are the “pops” (hate this term) of colour? White is great for functionality, light, and as a background, but with nothing else, it has no personality.