Survivor: Mon

What a shame poor Mo had to go. In an exit interview she said she was sick for nearly a month upon her return to Australia. Shades of what happened to Fiegs (red suit guy) in season one. So now Matt has an idol.
I hope they do a tribe swap soon because I’m over the bromance and I want to see how the teams interract.
Survivor is back to a much more manageable two nights this week, just Monday and Tuesday.

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Yeesh, it’s taken them how long to give us some backstory on some of the castaways? On the one hand, we’ve learned that Brian has a weak bladder, but we’ve also learned that Benji is a millionaire-author who’s an ex-basketball star.

As an aside, between Zach’s career as a gladiator, and now the revelation that Benji is already a millionaire, is it me or does it feel like a lot of the contenders were just rejected champions?

I figured that Heath was running the show, last week, and I think I guessed right. I loved him the footage of him, sweating bullets, knowing that the idol was buried right where Zach was poking around in the sand.

Meanwhile, Zach’s realised that his social game has let him down. In other news, water is wet. At least all this drama has given Paige a break.


I wish they’d stop telegraphing the immunity losers. We spent so long, in the first segment, on Benji plotting and scheming, that it was a given that the contenders would lose the challenge.

Has anyone else noticed that Robbie has the nicest smile?


As much as I liked Benji’s plan, to turn Anita’s girl-alliance against Tegan …

… damn it Benji, just shut up and let them knife Zach. Nobody will miss him.


Why couldn’t they turn Anita’s all-girl alliance against….well, Anita? I know they wanted to pick on one of the perceived couple, but I really like Tegan, and was so glad she gets a second chance. Plus Heath gets a warning, but I am not sure if he can make use of it.


Have I mentioned that I dislike Anita? Her ridiculous performance when she got a vote was deeply annoying and cemented my dislike of her bubbly insincerity.
My bet is that Benji wrote her name down to play with her mind!

brain dead dave

Not a real lot to play with there…..


I was expecting a blindside. I was not expecting an Exile Beach twist. Well played, Survivor.

And while I like a blindside as much as the next person, DAMN IT Benji. You could’ve just let them eliminate Zach, but nooooo, you had to get all power-hungry.


I wish they would mention these twists at the start of the game so the players know where they stand. If Tegan comes up against another Contender girl on Exile she should win, and if she can make it to merge she should get on well with the Champions. I hope she survives.
I could not work out what was up with Benji’s accent


So true, when he was talking about the US, his accent went to a mish-mash American style.

Carole Morrissey

I was wondering who this American was & where he’d been the whole time. Was the first time I noticed him.


I do this.
I spent a couple of years at an American school. I have always maintained a very faint accent, but every now and then for unknown reasons, it just returns in force. I have no explanation.

sioux Denim

I like that matt ended with the idol too after Mo left….

Was waiting for a tribal swap, definitely didnt see Exile Island coming…thankfully the ads didnt give it away…

Thought the same about Benji…why isnt he on the other team?


It has become, new episode = new villian (for me, anyway). I didn’t mind Benji until last night, but he really turned me off. I was hoping the “blindside” would be that his plotting got out and they all turned on him.

I have never watched a season with an Exile Island. How does it typically work?


The tribes keep going to tribal council every episode, but instead of going home, the eliminated castaways get sent to Exile Island. Then, the exiled castaways will battle it out, one-on-one. Loser goes home, winner stays for another week. Eventually, the last person standing will return to the game proper.

There were a couple of seasons where the castaways used Exile Island as part of their long-term game planning. But it’s been so long since I’ve watched an American season so I don’t know how they’ve been working recently.


I liked someone PLAYING so I am happy that Benji did. I much prefer Tegan though and I could not work out why on earth the dumb girls would instantly believe him over their ‘alliance’. Not even considering the possibility that they might lie.


By the way, I am still having issues with the comments field not retaining my details, and have to enter everything for every comment. Anybody solved that problem yet?


Here, I use my laptop and the family PC, but I have to type in my name and email address every time I post as well.

Carole Morrissey

Yeah it’s been happening to me too. Glad it’s not just me.


I’m not a fan of the Exlie Island thing – always feels like I am being forced to watch a second story-line to the main movie. I’m not interested just go back to the main programming.


I mainly use the laptop, but found the same issue on a PC, too.
Someone mentioned on an older thread, too – maybe last week?


Oh, thanks for this, I though it was just me, and it was freaking me out!


I don’t like shonee, and I can’t believe she has everybody fooled that she is adorable and easy to manipulate. It’s so obvious she’s playing dumb and holding back


Me neither. I don’t really know why, she just feels fake.

Carole Morrissey

It’s a pity they didn’t have exile beach from the beginning. Russell may have stayed a little longer then.
So Jackie finally made herself useful, getting a couple of goals.

Jeanette Garet

I once saw a documentary that told the viewer that if a person migrates to another country BEFORE puberty that person will adopt the accent of his/her new country. If, however, a person post-puberty migrates they will keep their original accent. Therefore Benji is putting it on. Nettie


I once saw a documentary that told the viewer that if a person migrates to another country BEFORE puberty that person will adopt the accent of his/her new country. If, however, a person post-puberty migrates they will keep their original accent. Therefore Benji is putting it on. Nettie