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I’m so glad for the tribe swap tonight, because honestly, it’s just a mercy kill. The contenders were getting Ulong-ed into oblivion. They were outmatched and in something of a hopeless situation. It doesn’t make for fun viewing.

(for non-longterm fans, Ulong was a tribe who didn’t win a single challenge, and just got picked off, one-by-one, until their campsite was a lonely place indeed)


Mat’s confidence in how strong his alliance is, rings quite hollow to me. Mat, your alliance hasn’t been tested, you haven’t been to tribal council in about two weeks. Come back to us when you have to start knifing each other.

OTOH, apparently Lydia has a gigantic crush on Robbie. See? It’s not just me.


Samuel flirting (badly) with Benji, to put him off his game, was freaking hilarious. I hope Sam lasts to the end, I think he’s brilliant.

Robbie burst into tears when the contenders finally (finally) won a challenge. They need to stop showing Robbie crying, I just cannot deal with that at all.

Lydia said her plan was to keep Robbie and Benji around, post-merge. I don’t know whether she was just saying that to win them over, or she was genuine, but whatever. Robbie’s obviously my favourite castaway, but I just don’t see him making it right to the final two, not without some serious gameplay.

I think he might’ve tipped his hand too early when he quietly whispered to Matt that he was onboard with the champion girls.


I’m a bit confused as to why Robbie did that, it seemed unnecessary at this stage.
I was all ready to watch last night, I wish they would put it back on Sundays.


I thought I heard her wrong, surely she meant Robbie and Heath, not Benji. But then, she hasn’t seen the side of Benji that we have been seeing over the last week.


Tegan’s whinging and poor me at the swap annoyed me but Jackie annoys me more so I’d really like to see her get the boot. And the blatant lies are annoying me this year, they’re (Jackie and Benji) making up stories and not leaving themselves any wiggle room for when they get found out. If you’re going to lie you need to be clever about it.


Tegan is sooo intense in her righteousness. She bugs me the way she acts entitled.
I didn’t like Jackie, and it kind of served her right to get voted out, but she was so good natured about it. Unlike Tegan who has an, “How dare they” attitude when things don’t go her way.
One of my favourites so far is Lydia.


Who was it who said, if you want to lie, use as much truth in the lie as possible? Jackie and Benji just pull out the most outrageous lies they can think of, but it would be much more effective if they just twisted the truth a little to put a bad slant on it.

I am worried about Lydia, that she might come across as too in-charge in the new tribe. Hope she is very careful about offering help.

brain dead dave

This was while I was on Four Corners. watching Barnaby Joyce confess that all politicians have to lie or partially lie to survive in Canberra.


It’s a sad state of affairs. And MR seem to have bden knowingly lying to us, as part oftheir deliberate strategy. Shocking. No really, it’s shocking.


I’m glad the tribal council went the way it did.

Too often when there’s a tribe swap, and the numbers fall out like they did here, it becomes simply a case of, “knife the opposing tribe-members one-by-one”, and it’s predictable, and gosh dang it, it’s boring.

But instead of knifing the vulnerable castaways (and being left with the same problem they had before, ie, an uncooperative Jackie and Brian), Matt decided that they should use the vulnerability of the two extras as two extra votes … using Shonee and Tegan to oust Jackie. It’s smart playing, I appreciated that. And if things go wonky, he and Steve and Sam will still have a majority and can knife the two ex-contenders at a later date. Everyone wins. Well, not Jackie, but whatevs.

Jackie never did reveal her true profession, but when her name was being read out, her poker face was unbreakable, so props to her for that.

And now Brian knows he’s screwed. I just hope the contenders keep winning.


Wondered why they told the two new girls to vote Brian? Just a standard vote-split, or something more sinister? Clearly, Mat is much more believable than Jackie – I think this is his greatest asset, he is so obviously truthful (at this stage).


I imagine it was a simple vote split (see Benji, this is how you do it), because Brian and Jackie were following the same playbook (one voted for Shonee, the other for Tegan).


So glad something interesting happened at tribal. But, geez, JLap had to paed it out with his questioning. Loved Samuel’s creepy whispering at Benji. On a normal Survivor Lydia telling everyone how to build a shelter would see her sent home ASAP, but the Contenders know they need her strength. Fenella needs to team up with Heath so Robbie does not pick her off.

Sioux Denim

The eye gazing between lydia and robbie was strangely uncomfortable…
Lydia is certainly a power house and all her talk about keeping the end game strong might just be her downfall but at this point she’s gonna be pretty hard to beat…just not happy she taking Benji along for the ride…
As usual i guessed wrong, kudos for editing this year…keeping us all entertained.
I thoroughly enjoying this season so far…


I definitely agreed with Lydia’s assessment that after merge the strong players who carried the load get picked off by the weaker players who then go on to win. That’s the only part of Survivour I hate: that the mediocre/shite players get the prize.


Yes, the annoying part; when the horrible people and the useless people cruise past while the heroes die a heroes death; a knife in the back by some couch potato.


When Shonee told Tegan that so fat she hadn’t had to help at all around the camp, not even cook rice, I thought, “Hmm, the sort I don’t like. A lazy sitter”.


Yes, it was unattractive to hear what an easy ride she had had. But the deal-breaker for me was the statement “now I am with a bunch of randoms…”, so dismissive. But I still think she is dangerous, I hope the champions get her measure quickly, and realise Teagan is less of a threat because she is unable to hide her emotions.


That’s true about Tegan’s emotions. She looks like she is hhoing to crack, whereas Shonee still looks like she just wondered into a cafe for lunch and has run into some friends.


I don’t think I have ever seen a tribe swap with so little mixing of the groups. And all the people swapping were females. I imagine the producers were hoping to redistribute the boys a bit more.

Loved Lydia’s aside comments about the poor state of the contenders camp. She just needs to make sure she keeps it to herself.

I wondered about Steve’s early exit from the challenge – genuine loss of condition? suffering from lack of nutrition? still trying to show himself as weaker than the other boys? or he was never as strong as the others anyway?

So we are at 14 people now? Only a few tribals until merge and/or starting the jury. I wonder if we are due another non-elimination first.


It has happened before.

On one of the American all-star seasons, they did a tribe-swap by pulling rocks out of a bag (or something suitably random), and the tribes remained intact but for one person, who had to swap to the other tribe. Funnily enough, that person wound up protected by the other tribe-mates and ended up winning the season. Anywho.

It’d be a nice twist to throw another Exile Beach at them, but the promos say there’s a big twist tonight.

Carole Morrissey

Finally they swapped tribes. By this time last season they’d swapped about 3 times.
How dumb is Jackie to tell an out & out lie? Does it not occur to her they may talk to the others & realise she lied?
That challenge looked brutal.


Somehow I missed the start of the season. I’ve watched 8 episodes in 2 days and I plan on being current by next week. I have some thoughts.

1. Voting off Damien because Jackie said to may be the silliest tribal council decision ever. I’ve seen sacks of potatoes contribute more to challenges than Jackie.

2. The Fantastic Four clearly need counselling on their attitudes to sexism. I am happy to volunteer to conduct the training. I expect to have no trouble making them feel like sex objects themselves.

3. The producers should be horsewhipped for their treatment of Jenna. She was obviously not fit to play and sending her back to camp to be voted off was just drama-chasing. If they’d stood at the back at Tribal Council and chanted ‘Suck it, Jenna’ they couldn’t have been more cruel.

4. Russell’s now been an early boot in 2 of his 4 seasons, and in every season where his tribe knew anything at all about him before the season started. It may be time for him to reconsider his best player claims. He is still to fun to watch in a trainwreck kind of way.