The Block: Crack Den starts in a week

It’s all happening at once: MasterChef and House Rules ending, and Australian Survivor, The Block and The Badgerlor all kicking off in a two-week period.

This season five couples are renovating The Gatwick, which Nine publicity refers to as “an iconic rundown 58-room hotel built in 1937”. I wonder if all the murders, assaults and overdoses that have occurred there will rate a mention?
The season kicks off with the usual reno of a bedroom, with the winner getting first pick of the apartments.
SA couple Kerrie and Spence will be ones to watch. They’ve already had a house featured on Grand Designs! Check it out here.
The Block starts on Nine at 7pm, Sunday, August 5.

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big h

I’m looking forward to this utter shithole being turned into something more habitable. When I lived in St Kilda we would avoid that part of Fitzroy St because it wasn’t worth the grief you’d cop


Ooh I love the SA couple’s house..


Hehehehehe. We love the description crack den.

Yes, we are very interested in seeing how the SA couple perform due to their GDA bragging rights. Hope they channel their inner Kevin McCloud and utter the words ‘bespoke’, ‘integrity’ and ‘ingenious’ to describe their work. Challenging the architect’s plans could set up the right level of conflict as well.

Guess, they are not too interested in the art deco features left in the building since all the ads are very gun ho highlighting their destruction.