Single Wives starts Wed

The new dating show Single Wives starts on Wed.
The blurb says: Follow four women as they search for a second chance at love after heartbreak. Hosted by Fifi Box, with expert advice from Matthew Hussey, they undertake a crash-course in dating.
It’s at 7.30pm on Seven.
You can read about the wives here.

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brain dead dave

This was quite good. Speed dating and then “the mixer” which is like a Bachelor group date( a piss up). So will watch again tonight while reading the Ma$terchef comments.

The men look pretty much all the same. A bunch of desperate dickheads.

Alcohol is involved. There’ll be dirty texts and toxic trysts in store, I’m certain.

The “dating expert” did seem to know what he was talking about and that’s a first for one of these shows.


Matthew Hussey appears to know what he’s on about. I can’t help feeling the ladies might want him instead of the blokes on there.


We are watching Nurse Jackie. It makes a nice change from Nordic thrillers and crime series.