MasterChef – Sun, Is it a family visit?

The trailer for tonight’s MasterChef visit says the judges want to inspire the cooks and then tells them to turn around.
So I guess that means family visit.
Which for me would have the opposite of the intended effect – although perhaps that’s their plan. I know we go on about the “doing it for the kids” edit but if I had not seen Mr 6 for a few months and then got a brief visit, I would not be able to cook a scrambled egg, let alone a Snow Egg.

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Ah yes. If so, that would explain Sashi still being around. He has those two boys with Big Personalities.
Also HI’s departure – so we never get to see her husband. Is he still alive?

Carole Morrissey

Well that kind of makes up for robbing Sashi of the super power last week. Glad he’s safe till finals week.
What is this bullshit cook something with a story? If I was told to do that I wouldn’t have a clue what to cook.
So that was a waste of the super power, but thank God it’s out of play now. I thought the idea of it was to save yourself in an elimination challenge if you didn’t think your dish was up to scratch. I would have thought she’d be so arrogant as to assume her dish would be picked for Shannon’s restaurant. And wasn’t that what Gary cooked in last week’s master class so technically if she’d won it would be HIS dish not hers?