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Australia Ninja Warrior is back on, so I gave up. Jared and Brennan are easy on the eyes, but there’s a lot more general shirtlessness and insanely-fit people on the ninja course (although as per usual, they’ve made it far too hard, so they didn’t learn anything from last year).

I suppose after the backyards, they’ll have a crack at the front yards? Like, how much longer can they really drag it out for?

Calorie Loader

In answer to your question quite a bit I’d say given judging takes place over 2 nights and there is still 1 backyard and potentially 3 front yards to go (plus a possible charity project like last year or even redoing an inside zone of their own houses). I completely get why you have jumped ship Windsong. And as we get closer to someone winning the prize money we see even the most laid back people such as Toad and Mandy get picky with the tiny things that can easily be fixed themselves.

What I don’t understand is if backyards are so much work, why are only 4 days allocated just for most zones to end up unfinished? I still don’t buy that they only get 4 days and 7 days though, especially when they show the buzzer go and the whole edge of the patio area is still sand, then miraculously on reveal its been filled with grass. But whatever 4 days actually is, why not allocate a bit more and finish it properly? Not everything has to be drama. The frantic running to the storage containers in the last 5 mins, breaking their backs carrying bed frames single handedly from 500m down the road is getting old.


“And as we get closer to someone winning the prize money we see even the most laid back people such as Toad and Mandy get picky with the tiny things that can easily be fixed themselves.”
I agree. When you take into consideration the state of the homes before they were renovated, it makes the home owner seem very ungrateful for what they have now.

brain dead dave

Fine line between Toad and Turd.


And not a single clothes line in sight

brain dead dave

Pity the viewers have been left hung out to dry.

I’m still watching even though a little bird told me who’s in the final. A gorilla could guess, I reckon.

Calorie Loader

Yes I had that thought about the washing line when one of the first things they do is rip out every hills hoist in sight. ‘It’s all about design’. Well where is the washing line in that design? It’s not a home beautiful spread, it’s someone’s backyard. There have been a lot uglier things than washing lines which have crept their way into these back yards. I guess an unprotected mouldy ol’ day bed with 1000 cushions is more important.


They are not particularly worried about functionality, until some small thing needs to be noticed to justify a low/high score.


I am enjoying the backyards, although I do wonder how long it will take to do the fronts, and then the do-overs (best part of the series, IMO) and hopefully they will ditch the boring charity one. But going from six to three teams in one go would seem to indicate that the fronts will all be done simultaneously in one week.

Just wish they would stop trying to manufacture a feud between David/Chiara and Dave/Mel. This week’s allocations are an obvious attempt to cause friction, but it looks like the four have got over the previous rubbish and are not giving the producers what they want. Now they just have to resort to sour faces that could have been lifted from any scene and patch them together to make it look bad.

The judges scoring is still erratic, but I can’t decide whether it is deliberate fudging to make the scores close, or that the edit doesn’t show all their opinions/comments when looking at the zones.

This week should be good, without the Kim/Michelle drama queens. It was so obvious last week that their patio was “brushed up” after the siren, as it was a total mess, then suddenly okay when it came to judging. No comment made about the uninstalled slippery-dip.


I doubt they will do re-do rooms. There is a charity house, it’s for a single mum who applied for the show with her husband but then he passed away (according to the ad).


Yes, I saw the promo after last night. Oh, well, a week off won’t hurt, and I can come back refreshed.

After last night, I wonder whether the front yards are going to be done at all.


What is this “wig out” business? Is it a David and Chiara invention to describe a dummy spit? Never heard the term until last week and I am sick of it already.

The promos seem to indicate that the judges are going to go overboard with the scoring on Sunday, and yet, there were a lot of elements in everyone’s zones that I thought were very doubtful and would be marked against them.

I also hadn’t heard of the High-line. I thought that they wanted a style like a roof-top entertaining area. Having googled it, I can now understand why the boys are putting a pointless train line in the yard. To be fair, choosing New York themes for a suburban backyard was pretentious and illogical, so if Jess ends up with a mess, then she shouldn’t be surprised. Unlikely that Jared had any choice in the theme.

How will the bathtub in the secluded area work? How do you keep it clean enough to use? And you would have to wear cosies because the screen is not a locked door.

That Tweed Heads yard would be so difficult, with the cliff edge. Hope the retaining walls were well-made with very deep foundations.


“Wigging out” is a slang term that’s been around since the Beat era. It means getting really stressed, losing your mind, freaking out, etc.


Yeah, I’ve heard it before, but not to the volume and sheer amount of times that Chiara has said it.


Thanks for the explanation, but sorry to be obtuse, but what is the Beat era? Is that when the Beatles were around? If so, it is before my time.

Looks like “wig out” has not been used in my circles.

Ma chook

Havent these guys heard of shade sails? Would have been absolutely perfect over J and Js raised deck. Too many totally impractical outdoor furniture settings


Just caught up with the scoring the past weekend (too much soccer, footy, netball and cycling to watch!) and I kept score after the judges round. It is no wonder they kept it secret because there would have had to be sub-4 scores given to change the outcome, so it was set from Sunday night.

And after all their whinging about “strategic” people and sneakiness, look who gave a pair of 7’s in the zone that earned only 9’s and 10’s from the judges, and that they raved over? Obviously, Kim and Michelle decided that the only way they could stay was to mark both teams down. The sudden change in comments gave the hint that they had considered how to bring down those two teams. Jess and Jared gave Toad and Mandy a 9 (as honourable as they have been all the way through), but I couldn’t tell what their score was for the boys.

Hey, Juz, can we have a new thread for this week?


Sorry, Juz, that should have been “please, may we have a new thread?” No excuse to forget my manners, and big thanks for your work on this site.


Tuesday night revrals the grand finalists. Soooo anooother weeeeek. It’s so exhausting….