Bachelor airdate announced for the Badgerlor

Bachie Honey Badger will make his debut on Ten on Wednesday, August 15.
So Survivor gets a two-week head start to build an audience.
Rumour had it that Bachie would take over the Sunday/Monday slot but it seems that’s not the case.

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I just came on to post about this. Truly am surprised they have stuck with a wed/thur schedule. I would have thought it would really give The Block a run for its money on Sunday nights (which starts Sunday 5 August btw).
Am going away the last two weeks of September so think I’m gonna miss the finale, which is annoying!


Heh. Badgerlor. That’s totally a thing.


If it’s not I’m determined to make it a thing. That will be his TTV name I reckon. Nick who?

brain dead dave

We’ve already seen him in his Badgie Smugglers.


He’s already an underwear model. I imagine we’ll be lucky to see him with a shirt on.


Looks rough as buggery to me
Can’t think I’ll be watching, perhaps just pop in from time to time


It seems that this season is just going to be a parody of itself.
Remember Tim and Anna and Sam and Snez, couples that didn’t have pre-Bach fame and really seemed to fall in love. Even though you could tell early in their seasons who they would choose it was still worth watching,


I’d settle for a couple who had not met each other before the series