Australian Survivor starts Wed

After a cracking second season Ten has decided to theme its third shot at the franchise Champions versus Contenders.

Fans are worried we’ll see shades of the first season, where “mateship” was regarded as more important than strategy by a cast that was largely unversed in the show, resulting in the more interesting and conniving players being targeted. Or, in some cases, people voting by picking names at random – urgh!
The “Champions” cast includes women’s AFL player Moana Hope, Olympic champ Shane Gould and Commando Steve AKA Mr Michelle Bridges.

Word is we get two episodes the first week, FOUR the second (way to kill interest) and Mon, Tues the next (The Badgerlor will air Wed, Thurs).
Australian Survivor starts Wed, 7.30pm on Ten and continues the following night

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And the rumours have been confirmed: Russell Hantz is on it!!!! This will be interesting as it’s more likely the champs do not know who he is


I just saw that announced on FB.

I don’t know how I feel about seeing Russell again. Hopefully he left his nephew at home…


As a relatively newie to Survivor (only about 6 years) I know nothing about Russell except that he is well known from older seasons. Will be interested to see why.


Me too Fijanne – I’m not across Russell except for the references.
Will be fun to see him play.


Really not a fan of Russell.
I reckon he will either go at first opportunity or be kept as a goat til the end, with ppl just hoping the jury won’t vote for him!
Just saw the part about the schedule, 6 episodes in 10 days. I can see that working if those episodes keep the game moving, with eliminations in most episodes etc. But if only 2 ppl go in that time etc, ppl will turn off quick smart.

brain dead dave

I don’t know who Russell is. If living under a rock means not knowing about his kind, I’m happy.

Commando would have to be sick of taking Michelle Bridges’ garbage out by now. I expect he’s “commando” of not very much at all these days, launching assaults on piles of nappies..


BDD, he is a total douche who likes to do stuff like hide people’s clothes. He teams up with young female model types and has twice made it far but never wins because of his poor social game. He likes to play up his redneckness but he’s actually rich


BDD, I would be interested to hear your read on him after the first episode airs


He’s one of those types who *thinks* he’s brilliant, and when he loses (which he often does), he blames everybody else for not realising how brilliant he is.

It’s actually because of his terrible social game, and he’s just a repugnant, vile person. But he always seems to forget that.

He actually has a nephew who popped up twice, but the kid just had issues. Casting him seemed very exploitative, and was one of the show’s grossest moments. The guy just needed qualified psychiatric help, but instead, they cast him *twice* because, “Hey look, he’s related to Russell!” Probst once had to physically restrain him before he assaulted one of his tribe-mates. I still haven’t quite forgiven the show for that.

So, yeah.


Gosh, he doesn’t sound like much of an asset to the Aussie show. If we have to have an American gate-crashing, I wouldn’t mind a bit of Joe.


First 15 mins are on TENplay now if you want a sneak peak. They usually do not keep it up for long.


Oh, I find Russel Hantz kind of fun. He’s not a specially nice person, but he sure makes for some funny scenes/mayhem.