MasterChef – Wed Memory Challenge

The judges surprise the contestants by announcing that this episode, a few of them will be journeying to the wide blue yonder.
Thanks to the promo I know this means a helicopter, but I have no clue why.
It’s a service challenge but they are given recipes to memorise. I’d be rubbish at this one – too used to cooking these days with a recipe from an iPad propped on the bench.

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Blue team is not communicating. Just spent 15 mins scribbing the recipe.

Red team didn’t ask Kristen to do the dessert


The blue team could have started pitting the cherries rather than stare at Jesse & FV write the recipe down.


Good thinking Maz.


The cod swimming in that broth looks gross. It looks so unappealing.
Prefer the look of the lamb.
Wanky dishes all the same.


Looks like pond scum with those green “pools”


I am surprised that ill-fate has not befallen Aldo for constantly bellowing, “Come on Blue Team.”

big h

LOL – Reece has chopper lag


Good on you team Reesa ! But I didn’t like the way he was standing around tapping his fingers when Lisa was remaking the crumb


I meant to say Samira


Lipsticks are revolting!

big h

Do you mean Lisa (?) matching her top? That was a shocker


I thought it looked a bit matchy matchy , but not quite. Just wierd


Lisa’s lipstick choices are shockers. The pink and red she wears are just too vibrant.
Channel 10 make up department must be on hiatus!


That was sort of an interesting premise for a challenge, but not very engaging to watch. Watching most of them stand around while the “memory experts” were writing down the recipes was boring. It was apparently a test to see if the contestants could work as a team cohesively for a change, but might have been better if the teams could have at least seen a photo of the finished dishes so they had some idea of what they were aiming for. Blind cooking is just dumb.

The chefs didn’t seem all that impressed, and the MC judges, even Feckless George, had to talk the teams’ offerings up a bit. I lost interest after the first course but saw enough of the end to know that FV’s team didn’t win. Yay for that at least.


The guest chefs did seemed bored and most of the time the stooges commented about the dishes before both of the guest chefs. It almost seemed as if they were influencing the guest chefs’ comments.
When they were pitting the cherries I just kept thinking that the pits release a chemical that is metabolized to cyanide in the body. Of course you would have to ingest a lot of pits.

brain dead dave

Just one if you’re the original percussionist in T.Rex. Choked to death on one.


I have seen the memory test before. It was a boring as bat-s**t then and couldn’t be bothered suffering through it again.
I opted for Netflix.
I am watching Bordertown. So far, absolutely engrossing in that Nordic way. They do dark so well.


I might give it ago based on your recommendation, thanks Bobi.


What a load of crock…. the winning team had one dish with quite a few mistakes, then the second one they nailed… the losing team had two almost perfect dishes and lost… By the law of averages I would suspect having 2 near perfect dishes would trump?

Fake Vintage instead of pre-planning quiet time whilst on the helicopter how about think about tasks that could’ve been performed from the get go whilst you have your quite time… 1. Pit the friggen cherries. 2. Prep the protein. By the time your 15 minutes were done most of that crap would’ve been sorted!

brain dead dave

I watched State Of Origin.

The amatas struggle with a recipe in front of them, why watch them crash and burn without one?

You’ve talked me out of watching the encore.


My family wanted to watch the rugby league and I was not interested enough in the progress of the cherry-pitting to protest.
So who did actually win?

brain dead dave


Carole Morrissey

I would be hopeless at remembering all those details. And there’s no way you would get me in a helicopter.
That cherry dessert did look really yummy. But oh my God pitting all those cherries. That’s why tinned cherries were invented.


Ok, Jess is officially The Most Annoying – what is it about 19 yr olds on this show?
She requires constant attention, hugs and encouragement, yet doesn’t mind barking orders at everyone. But when she stuffs up, the tears start flowing and she needs even more. Are they running a creche, just for her?
I’m tipping her cutsie, all-about-me routine grates on the others, but they’re adhering to the ‘just be nice’ strategy … through gritted teeth.

What was the carrot woman thinking, keeping everyone waiting for ages, while she wrote her Yr 12 assignment: ‘Food and Memory – Discuss.’
It was comical to watch – while 1000 cherries were waiting to be pitted.


Competition fave to go? Jess or Chloe?


As long as it’s not Ben and Brendan