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Chloe’s very sultry tonight.


Chocolate is articulate ??


I wondered about that too. Bizzarre.

big h

Same here


I didn’t get that either.


“Everything is so articulate”…pronounces Reece. Since when is dessert ‘articulate’?


Reece certainly isn’t articulate.


Fav looks very matronly in leopard print


We thought more lady of the manor peering down at the plebs.


Maybe no bra as well? After that little jumping session


Yes, there was significant smugness in the gantry tonight.


Masterchef meets Wheel of Fortune.


Cinnamon toast?


Nah…cinnamon ice cream with cinnamon parfait and cinnamon tuile.


Ooops…Brendan IS doing cinnamon ice cream.




Hoda wants to be a role model for her kids…


Banana ice cream??? If you are doing ice cream, you should be eliminated.


The only way Ben is safe is if Hoda’s has too much cinnamon overpowering it. I don’t mind Hoda but I think cake pops are particularly stupid. Having said that some of Katherine Sabbath’s cake ice blocks looked pretty damn amazing.


Last I heard Brendan was doing curry. I have had to keep popping out tonight, I thought the apples were roast potatoes


That green really suits Matt


Brendan is safe.


Hoda is in trouble.


Yes it’s down to Hoda and Ben. Much as I like Ben his lamington looks pretty bad. Both should probably be turfed.


MC US will eliminate more than one contestant sometimes and, in this case, Ben and Hoda should have gone. Don’t understand why MC AU doesn’t ever do that. Both of those desserts were total failures. Ben’s cake was judged to be OK but the thick chocolate and horrible jam/jelly ruined that dessert and he should have been shown the door.
Can’t believe that all he could come up with was a lamington and all Hoda could think of were cake pops.
And then there was more ice cream and caramel sauces from the others.


Brendan and Khanh had the best dishes.
Ben and Hoda had the worse performing dishes. And it is good-bye Hoda.


Homicidal Intent is fake crying.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Sorry, they are all crying tears of relief that one of the stronger contestants this season is gone.

big h

Bugger – I was thinking the other person should go


Both were really bad but I think Hoda was punished for not listening to their advice (bruised their enormous egos). It also seemed that they were easier on Ben because he isn’t a dessert guy and they had high expectations from Hoda because she could have done a really good middle eastern cinnamon dessert.
But hey it’s MC so when did fairness or an even playing field ever come into it?


I’m no monarchist but watching those three clowns with Charles on the preview just made me cringe.


Especially George’s facial expressions. So fake


They are trying hard to imply that Charles will be taking part. I understand that he was attending a function for which the contestants did the catering. That’s all!


Such misleading promo since the start of MC. Keep saying this is MC history cooking for Prince Charles. As if he will be judging. All he dis was like the Dalai Lama episode. Just attending a function.


I have the TV on but I was doing my paperwork. I am really not into it tonight. The calibre of the contestants is just average. At the start I was very excited that we are going to see some cracking dishes. But not many so far. Even desserts were meh.


I think you are being generous to rate the contestants as average LP.


They are below average compared to many past contestants. They are lacking in creativity and innovation. Same types of foods are being cooked/baked over and over again. Most of them can not think out of the box.


He he. I am being kind. 😊


Hoda had to go eventually… she probably wasn’t going to endear herself as a winner… notice at the end she hugged every female contestant and refused to acknowledge or hug any of the male ones… whether it be her religious beliefs (I’m sure muslim women aren’t banned from giving a bloke a hug), but she was also a bit cold.

Ben’s dessert was cr@p so lucked out… and also disappointed Kristen didn’t set something more exciting. I’ve met Kristen many times and never once have I gone all wobbly legged and pissed myself at meeting them… even met George once (drongo) and didn’t get the urge to get all weak kneed.

brain dead dave

193 – Rule: Body contact is not allowed with one who its is not allowed to look at, and every kind of touching of the body to any part of the other one’s body is haram and one must refrain from this; unless it from on top of the clothing and it is without the intention of lust.

194 – Question: Is it allowed to shake the hand of a non-Mahram? What is the ruling if it is done without the intention of lust?

Answer: It is not allowed, unless it is done on top of clothing, and in this situation, according to Ihtiyat Wajib, one must not squeeze the other one’s hand. ABGKLMS

195 – Question: We are living in a Western country and attending University there, and whenever we meet our female Professors or fellow students (female), we are compelled to shake their hands, and if we don’t, then this will make the Muslim students look as if they have bad manners. What is our responsibility in this regard?

Answer: It is necessary for you to explain to them that not shaking the hands of non-Mahram women is not due to bad manners, but instead, it is because of the beliefs in Islam and holding on to its commandments. ABGKLMS

196 – Question: In some areas, the rules of Mahram and non-Mahram are not given much importance, especially in the smaller villages. For example a woman would not cover herself in front of her brother-in-law, and she would consider her brother-in-law as her actual brother, in the same way the brother-in-law also considers this woman as his actual sister. How many a times has it happened that they shake each other’s hands or even kiss each other! The same thing can be said for cousins of the opposite sex and they also indulge in similar actions. These things are done out of pure ignorance and without any sexual excitement or lust – thus, is it allowed? In the event that it must be avoided, if it is done over top of clothing, then what is the ruling?

Answer: None of the examples mentioned above are permitted and it is better that one should also avoid the above-mentioned acts even if it is over top of clothing. ABGKLMS

197 – Rule: Even though looking at the face and hands of a Muslim woman in hijab, and looking at that amount of the body of a non-Muslim woman which is normally kept open is not a problem, however touching them is still not allowed. ABGKLMS

Therefore: Men and women who are non-Mahram are not allowed to shake hands with each other, nor can they have any other kind of bodily contact.

Note: In the below mentioned circumstances, one must be more cautious than in other instances about the bodily contact (not taking place) with a non-Mahram:

Taking or giving even a small object from the hands of a non-Mahram (for example exact change).

Taking or giving keys, or any other small things.

Sitting beside a non-Mahram in taxis (or buses), or when guests come over to one’s house.

Non-Mahram men and women walking in a common, crowded area such as corridors, small alleys, doors, gates, etc.

Men going to gatherings in which lots of women are present, or any place where there are lots of non-Mahram women present.

Women going (or passing by) a gathering or busy place where there are lots of non-Mahram men present.

At the time of buying and selling things in stores.

198 – Rule: It is permitted to look at, and touch the body of an old woman without the intention of sexual excitement. B

199 – Question: At the time of giving money to a driver (taxi), if the hand of the woman touches the hand of the driver, is this haram?

Answer: If it happens accidentally, then it is not a problem; but if purposely the hands meet one another, then it is not allowed. BGMST

200 – Rule: Bodily contact that happens in busy places (such as markets, processions, Salat al-Jumu‘ah, funerals, the Sanctuaries (haram) of the A’immah (Peace be upon all of them), and the House of Allah (SWT) in an unintentional way between a non-Mahram man and woman is not a problem, with the condition that one does not go to these places with the purpose and intention of being touched. ABGKMST

Therefore: It is haram for one to go to or pass by a place, sit or stand beside a non-Mahram in a taxi or bus, with the intention of wanting to make body contact with a non-Mahram, and thus it must be avoided.

201 – Question: What is the ruling for going to places with a non-Mahram?

Answer: If it is done with the intention of lust, then it is not allowed. AGK

202 – Rule: According to Ihtiyat Wajib, men must not hug, kiss or put girls that are 6 years of age or older on their laps. GKLM

One must refrain from things like that that may lead to corruption. A

According to Ihtiyat Mustahab, it is better that men do not hug non-Mahram girls who are 6 years of age or older, sit them on their knees, or kiss them. S

203 – Question: Is one allowed to sit near a non-Mahram in a taxi or in other means of transportation? (In the event that there is contact between the two from on top of the clothing)?

Answer: If there is no intention of having pleasure or excitement and there is no chance of falling into corruption, then the act of sitting in itself is not a problem. GKLMST

204 – Question: If a woman fears that in the event that she goes into a taxi that has a non-Mahram man in it, she or the taxi driver will fall into sin, is it allowed for her to go into that taxi? If the taxi driver has this fear, is it allowed for him to pick her up?

In both circumstances, it is an area of doubt. G


My first thought was that this is a bit over the top (as if lust is top of everyone’s mind 100% of the time).
But then the stuff about children makes sense.
So maybe it’s just a matter of context. Maybe they are right.
I love a second thought.


yeah I agree, I wasnt a fan of good old Hoda – her cooking wasn’t creative or inspiring. She was actually a bit boring to watch.

Carole Morrissey

I would have thought once it had landed on an ingredient if it landed on it again they would spin it again. How ridiculous having 3 people cooking with the same ingredients.
Can’t believe Hoda went home, really should have been Ben.


I forgot to mention… how did Hoda happen to have “cake pop sticks” and a cake pop stand handy?? Masterchef had one just in case?


I really grew to enjoy Hoda’s presence – such a pity she didn’t make some baklava-inspired dessert instead. As soon as they mention their kids…

Very glad Brendan is in the top ten.


So sick of the irritating Only 19 going over-the-top whenever a dessert chef walks in: ooh i love Kirsten Tibballs, she’s my idol; ooh I love Nigella, she’s my idol, ooh I love Zumbo, he’s my idol … as so on. A girl with many idols.

Reece needs to spend time with George’s remedial English tutor – I’ve spoken to chocolate many times and never found it to be articulate. In fact, quite (ill) tempered.

Thank god silly sweet week is over and Ben lucked out, big time.
And Hoda – no tears, no drama, big smile – was all class.


and so on*