MasterChef – Sun – SA Week, mystery box

It’s mystery box night on MasterChef and tonight marks the start of South Australian Week – of course, the week I happen to be overseas.
Can’t wait to catch up on my return and play “spot the local haunt”. I’m expecting visits to the Central Market and the Barossa and that Poh and Callum will make appearances. Andre Ursini from season one is my fave SA MasterChef contestant, mainly because his restaurant in the city, Andre’s Cucina, serves bloody good food. The man is a genius with polenta.
Also, gice, if you could help me out by clicking on a few of those pesky ads, I would appreciate it, as if I get enough clicks it will cover the cost of web hosting – and printing my “Bring Back Brendan” T-shirts.

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George has committed the fashion crime of wearing the same nasty jacket twice in one week!


I don’t know about Sarah’s period pants. As we would have called them in high school


Redhead is wearing too much RED.


Must be her Latino heritage (via her husband)


Poor genene got stuck with Chloe the dud. When Chloe said “can you get me some garlic jenay nay “ her eyes almost rolled back into her head.
Look on the bright side genay nay, it’s almost guaranteed you will be safe!


Chloe is not helping Gene st all. When Genene can’t roast the nectarines in the oven, Chloe is not helping with suggestions until Gary said they need to come up with another sweets


And then Chloe said”yeah”


Is Chloe’s hair getting redder. I must say it is unbecoming

big h

Would have been nice to see the other two teams – if not just for a fraction of a second

Carole Morrissey

Chloe & her bloody mincer. Now she wanted to mince pork. Felt sorry for Genene being stuck with her. So they prepared all those nectarines & then didn’t even use them. They could have done something else with them. Strawberries & cream. That’s not cooking & is pretty ordinary.
Such a shame about those meat balls. They actually looked yummy.


Did we all laugh like mad things when they were told that that the-only-trick-we-know-mincing wouldn’t work? Or was that just me?


Chloe wants to mince again. She is clueless most of the time. However, Genene was clueless, too. She already prepared the nectarines for cooking so why didn’t she just poach them or saute and caramelize them???
This was a very boring episode and mostly predictable what contestants were going to cook in round 1. Jess made another dessert…what a surprise!
Wish they would have shown what everyone cooked.


Chloe’s selfish behaviour costed them.. instead of helping solve the problem she was more focused on getting her garlic.

Was it so difficult for them to decide to poach the nectarines? Maybe Chloe could’ve suggested to mince the nectarines?

How on earth do the Immunity pin holders flukily get paired… and also get another chance to make immunity?

I think Ben will be the loser tonight… looks a dessert and Genene and Chloe I think will handle it well.. Hoda should too but I think she’s a more cook from feel and tradition and this modern age recipe might throw her… and Ben I’m not sure is a dessert man so may struggle… don’t think he’s made a pana-cotta or ice-cream yet.


Ben is calm under pressure. Luckily there is a recipe for him to follow. Hope he is safe.


I think Genene will be eliminated tonight; it’s time for another “older” person, who isn’t intimidated by the judges, to go.

It would be nice if it were Chloe, though.


Chloe is like Tamara from last year except she got a a real sour face.

brain dead dave

Genene looks done for in the promo, so she’s safe. Unless the producers just think she’s an old heifer and prepare us for the inevitable.


It seems that people are being eliminated for things that have nothing to do with cooking. I Wonder if that’s desperate moves to keep the pretty young things that can’t cook.


So at the start, with all the fabulous SA produce, Jess just picks Pink Lady apples ($3.50 at Coles) … and the staples. And she ‘gets tasted,’ of course!

So let’s see:
Ben’s the last straight white guy, so safe.
Not Hoda; too early for a fatwa.
Chloe’s the only youngish white chick – plus a mince expert, so soba safe.
Looks like poor, flustered Genene gets to go back to her stepkids, and Gina’s left to hold up the torch for hormone replacement therapy.
Then again, I’m usually wrong.


Gina has connections to the mafia. She will win the whole thing.


Soba safe is my favourite line!