House Rules – Judging, Sun & Mon

LLB and the other two do the usual. If Seven wants House Rules to last another season they need to stop this judging over two nights thing.
It makes Scott Cam’s excruciating score reveals on The Block seem snappy.
Tonight, Toad and Mandy’s house is judged.

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brain dead dave

Laurence has a swanktasm in Toad’s abode.


Random observations …

Leigh: “We’re not arrogant.” *falls off the couch in hysterical fit of laughter* I’m sorry, what?

My gosh, Jessica is beautiful. With her hair styled like that, tonight, she looked like Wonder Woman. Every time they cut to her and Jared, it was like, she’d just stepped straight off the set of last year’s Wonder Woman movie. And it’s not like Jared wouldn’t stop traffic by himself, either.

The overhead shots of the house (including one shot in the “during” part of the construction of the ensuite) showed about fifty cars, trucks and trailers parked around the house. And the house looked so full of tradespeople that the teams themselves could barely fit. You do start to wonder how much of the house is the teams, and how much of it is their tradies. We know Canberra is three hours away, but surely there’s a town somewhere nearby. I doubt they’d *all* be living in tents, although the property looked big enough.

Gosh that pink wall in the lounge room was hideous. Contrasting that, the views out of the windows (particularly in the laundry and scullery) were breath-taking.

Also, the extended judging really, really wore thin tonight. The episode began with a montage of Jess and Jared freaking out over the fretwork they’d ordered (that hadn’t shown up yet), which itself was comprised of clips from the last two episodes. Literally, fifteen minutes later, when the judges arrive … we get the exact same clips (some of them, their third or fourth appearance) and the exact same story, cutaways and interviews with Jared and Jess. It was like, holy balls, drag this out any further and this could be a form of torture. What the hell?

Anyway, mostly the house didn’t turn out too bad. The lounge was nice barring the horrid pink wall, and I think Josh and Brandon (as much as I think Brandon is cute as a button) really screwed up the boot/mud room (which didn’t look like much of anything). Also, Leigh and Christie’s ensuite was horrible.

I still don’t really mind Chiara and David. They’re volatile, sure, but whatever they have seems to work for them. Mel and Dave, see I don’t know, they bounce between tolerable and, “get me out of here”, I guess it depends on the whim of channel 7’s editors. I did like the little “positive affirmation button” that Mel picked up for Dave to carry around in his pocket. I sell those in my toy shop, they’re hilarious.

And I’ll admit, I don’t mind that Kim and Michelle occasionally (read, all the time) need help to get their zones finished. Kim has a bung knee (and a few weeks ago, she could barely walk), while Michelle weighs like 30 kgs soaking wet. And I think it’s a sign of maturity. At the end of the day, if the teams help each other to finish the house, i’s benefiting the home-owners, and ultimately, that’s what the whole show is about, right?

But it all comes down to the bonus room, and I think Toad and Mandy are too sweet and kind-natured to fail them. If they pass the bonus room, then Kim/Michelle stick around and Leigh/Christie get the boot. Seriously, pass the bonus room.

brain dead dave

Jared is connected with a SA football club and during the last two weeks’ telecasts Jared and Jess have been interviewed at half time because Ch 7 promote HR every chance they get..

I have to concur with Windsong how amazing Jess looks, depths of winter here,queen of the suburbs. Jeans and scarf.

The tradies over the road are turning up in shorts, 6- 7 Celsius. Salute.


The ensuite was hideous. I can’t fathom how this obsession with so much tile busy-ness has become acceptable. They should have been caned. The green tiles were beautiful, but a feature wall would be sufficient. Grooming areas of bathrooms, ie mirrors, need to get as much natural light as possible. I hope for T&M’s sake this room is redone on the show otherwise it will cost then $20k to fix.

Calorie Loader

My favourite part of the episode was when Lawrence said something like, ‘this is a kitchen where Toad can really impress guests getting his sausage out’. Lawrence we’re in a 7.00pm timeslot mate! Besides I wouldn’t advise it around all those butcher’s knives.

I was thinking the kitchen might turn out too blue but it was one of the best rooms there imho. If they had a bigger island or a solid one with storage that would’ve been even better.

I too thought the ensuite was horrific and agree that I’m not loving all the different patterned tiles clashing. I much prefered the boys simple main bathroom with a clean glowing emerald tile against white mainly (and what’s with the ensuite’s being huge and the main bathroom being much smaller?…oh that’s right, it’s Leigh and Kristie not giving a shit about the home owners with their zone wars). LLB screaming at the pink wall was another highlight. When they showed them painting it I was thinking wtf kind of jewel is this? On being asked Kristy can’t even answer it and comes up with something like burgundy?!?! We looked it up on the internet so like yeah…totally exists! Don’t think Josh and Brandon deserved such low scores given LK’s disasters. Bonus room could’ve been better but at least the pressed metal was only on the ceiling and they didn’t accidentally splash hot pink all over the walls. Will be interesting to see what Toad and Mandy think of it.

I did notice what appeared to be new lawn surrounding the house after the stampede of people, cars and wood that turned it into a sandpit with traces of dead, thinning lawn. Really good use of resources given the backyards are about to be ripped up.


Agree with all your analysis. Ensuite was the worst room ever seen (including unfinished ones) on the show. L & C obviously have an alternative reality if they think that was nice. Pink wall abysmal (actual burgundy might have worked without the green chair and beige lounge). I thought the lounge looked like it floated nowhere in the room. Also they had painted all the colours of the room on the ends of the stacked firewood – tacky. The kids beds looked good but impractical as Mandy showed as she banged her head trying to put Layla on the mattress. Boot room really poor, and impractical being in the middle of the house so all dirt is trekked through – not the boys fault, design layout fault.

Being honest, I thought the bonus room a fail. Even with help, the girls made a mess of the design. The ceilng was horrible, but would have been beautiful painted white. Hotch potch furniture, not comfortable, no items on the mantelpiece or in the badly-made shelves. I think toad and Mandy wanted to fail it but couldn’t keep L & C.


Based on the previews I thought that this reno was going to be absolutely stunning and close to perfection but the ensuite was horrific, the lounge room lacking in taste, the mud room made no sense, not enough storage in the master bedroom, island bench in kitchen way too small and bonus room VERY boring.
The positives were the absolutely beautiful dining room, the kitchen (except for the bench), the entry and the kids’ rooms. However I don’t know if the beds in the kids’ rooms would be safe right now. Thought there should be a railing until they get a bit bigger/older. It was great that Mel, Dave, Chiara and David were able to work together to create kids’ rooms that had consistency and looked nice.
Leigh and Kristie just continue to be vile. Don’t remember exactly what her statement was but something like we like it and the judges will like it and that’s the most important thing so we can stay in the competition. No concern regarding whether or not the homeowners would like what they did. Glad the judges did not like most of what they did in their zone.


OMG I screamed ‘yes’ waving arms in the air. 😁😁
Thank god no more of that horrible pair. Leigh is so spiteful and aggressive. Do they have friends? Are their friends of the same ilk? Euuugh *shudders*

brain dead dave

Leigh shat in his own face.


So fake with the contestants hugging Leigh and Kristie before they left. Most of the teams did not like them at all. I am glad they are gone. They were just so rude and selfish. I am surprised, though, that Toad and Mandy passed the bonus room based on some of their comments. Maybe after they were told that it was done by Michelle and Kim they decided it was a pass so MK would stay in the competition and LK would leave. They should change the way the pass/fail is revealed and the homeowners should already have a card that says either “pass” or “fail” rather than having them state their verdict after they find out who did that room.
Did notice railings on the kids’ beds but very small ones. Also after seeing them jump on the bed I would be concerned.
Interesting that the highest score from Toad & Mandy was for the boys’ zone whereas the judges gave them the lowest overall scores.


I also don’t like the way the homeowners are told of the position of each team and their points scores BEFORE giving their pass/fail decision. You could see, last night, that Toad and Mandy were in a dilemma as to what to say. Realistically, the whole bonus room should be dispensed with. And for Jo to give the whole reasoning behind Kim and Michelle’s being given the bonus room was not good, but I suppose she was only doing what the producers wanted.

brain dead dave

Toad doesn’t beat around the bush calling the matrimonial bed a “work bench”. I laughed at that one.


I was wondering what he was referring to


I laughed at that too.

Apparently Toad and Mandy aren’t actually married, there was a comment with Dave and Chiara in the scullery that Toad should hurry up and propose to Mandy. They’ve got a farm and twins, so it’s not he’d be rushing into anything.


The voiceover keeps referring to them as “engaged”.


Something that the camera angles seemed to hide all week, that I only just noticed during the reveals last night.

The main bedroom flowed straight into the ensuite. You could see all the hideous art deco metalwork while lying in bed, which is odd enough, whatever. But it’s like, the ensuite was gigantic (far larger than the main bathroom), but both Toad and Mandy remarked about the total lack of wardrobe space in the bedroom. Was there something really odd, there, or was that just me?


Producers setting up the showdown between teams over space. M&T knew what happened… L&K’s selfishness.


Yes, the fact that they were open to each other was concealed until the very last bit of the reveals, and the ensuite design ruined the feel of the bedroom (not my style anyway, but Ok for the rules). One of the first things to do will be to get rid of the bath section of the ensuite, incorporate that part into the bedroom with a sitting area to make use of the window (and a bigger wardrobe), put a door into the rest of the ensuite, and then try to live with the hideous tiles. Maybe tile paint in white?