Survivor Ghost Island – loved ones visit

The loved ones are here. And yet another episode where there is a lot of talk but not much happens.

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Disappointing outcome. They have let Wendell and Dom walk all over them. They are going to deserve getting demolished.


If Donathon and Laurel ran in circles yelling ‘Make me your goat, no-one will vote for me’ they could not be more obvious. Meanwhile yet another Malolo Dummy/Naviti Loyalist bites the dust as a reward for their loyalty.




Everyone’s favourite organ, Kellyn’s Gut, predicted yet another immense and vast victory in Survivor like all the previous immense and vast victories which. Ummm. Didn’t actually happen.

Maintaining its unbroken record of wrong predictions, Kellyn’s Gut managed to get this one wrong as well.


Actually Kellyn’s gut is the elephant in the room. Awfully saggy for a young girl. Even after babies.


Yes, I did.


I’d comment but I still have relatives in the US.




We lost the first half of the show recording unfortunately, but it doesn’t sound like we missed much.
Unlike most here, I am thrilled with the result. Chelsea was my first choice to go asap, and anything that gets up Kellyn’s nose is satisfying.
I understand why people might not want a strong alliance to go to the end, but I haven’t yet seen it happen (I haven’t watched the older seasons). I have become quite jaded about the fact that the strong players get eliminated as soon as they put their heads up, and in nearly every season, my favourites were gone early. In short, I am tired of the show being won by weak, annoying people who ride on other’s coattails and do nothing towards the “survival” of the group or show any sort of leadership.
I would love to see Dom win, or Wendell as a second choice, purely because they have defied what has become the standard Survivor story ie strong players can’t win.


Dom behaved like such a dickhead in the first few weeks and my impression of him was formed then. I didn’t notice Wendell until much later. I just can’t like either of them and Laurel is a turn off with her sour face.

Anyone who wins deserves it because they got there didn’t they. But deserving to win and me wanting them to win, are two different things. There is no one who I am wanting to win now, but I would prefer it not be Dom or Wendell. I would love the tail of the snake turn around and bite the head.


I don’t disagree that the Wen/Dom bromance deserve to win, although I’d think Dom’s wife will take out a contract on Wendell once she realises just how close Dom and Wendell are.

One of the Bromance deserves to win. However, they were very lucky in the lemming run of the Malolo Dummies, including both Kellyn and Chelsea, who quietly sang Land of Hope and Naviti as they voted off stronger players like James, Stephanie and Michael while calmly walking over a cliff of their own making.


I like your analysis, Alan and agree with you. But, unfortunately, in essence what you are saying is that strong players can only win if the others are dumb enough to let them.

Maybe that is why I love the Aus version so much. The contestants are not so steeped in Survivor strategy, so they act out of emotion or loyalty, instead of what a smart Survivor player should do.

I want Dom to win because he has been powerful, manipulative and at the same time flexible and adaptable to the moods of everyone else. And none of them seem to dislike him at all (once Chris had gone, and he based his hatred purely on a single remark in the first ten minutes) and few of them talk of the threat he might be. That suggests that he is very adept at making people feel comfortable with him.

I would have liked to see James, Stephanie and Michael go further. I liked all of them, and I think James and Stephanie at least were unlucky in their eliminations.


I don’t think this will be remembered as a great season. For whatever reason only 2 or 3 players, the Bromance and Michael, seem to have come into this season with any idea of how to play. A stronger cast would have made for a much better season. The endless tribe swaps made the weak cast worse because they essentially handed the game to the exclusive control of the Bromance and the Malolo Dummies. The Bromance has worked with the advantages they’ve been given, as they should. The Dummies have been going through the motions. Restraint prevents me from mentioning motions and Kellyn’s Gut in the same sentence.