Survivor Ghost Island – Is it Kellyn’s time?

Surely the Dom and Wendell dominance will continue and Kellyn will be rolled tonight? Unless Angela is collected as collateral damage. And Laurel and Donathon will chat about flipping but won’t.

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So next week is the finale already! I was hoping we’d get one more. Interesting outcome tonight and – yay – something actually happened on Ghost Island


A disappointing tribal for me because, I want Wendell and Dom out. I just don’t like Dom, and then Wendell by association. They remind me of passive aggressive bullies. The kind of jocks who run the show in a school environment by not recognizing the existence of underings like girls or bookish boys.
I am the opposite of everyone else; I don’t care who wins as long as it’s not Dom, Wendell or their servant Laura.
The others are stupid to let them get so far…and was there somethinv we didn’t see that made Donathan show his hand? That was dumb.

There have been no real stategic players ( or anyone who tried was voted out immediately). It’s been just carry Dom and Wendell all the way to the end. Stupid, stupid, stupid.


And just seconds into the episode we again hear directly from Kellyn’s Gut which continues to offer such unfailingly accurate advice that she is now at Ponderosa. The Survivor school of gastric strategic analysis was founded by Ciera, whose gut guided her in her first season to postpone breaking with Tyson until a week after Tyson gained an unbreakable majority.

The thing we didn’t see is Donathon’s brain. My TV does not come with a microscope.

Most likely Donathon will be next to go and then the Bromance has to choose who they want as the third to face the jury. There is a remote chance that Laurel will manage to bump off one of the Bromance, but I’ve got my doubts. My guess is that Laurel will fail in her attempt and end up on the jury bench. I think Seb only reaches the final if he gets a last challenge immunity win.

Carole Morrissey

Poor Wendell, he finished first but didn’t call Jeff over. So close.
And I don’t know what the hell Donathon is doing. He is coming out with all sorts of crazy things.


He tried to get into the heads of the boys, but they have turned it on him, and got into his instead.


Very clever play by Dom and Wendell. Donathan thought he was getting into their heads, and I sort of admire that attempt. But all it led to was a master acting performance where D & W move the item from one bag to another right in front of Don, thereby making him crazy with curiosity and paranoia, and then offering for him to inspect their bags, knowing he wouldn’t. Good way to convince everyone else that Don is losing his marbles, so to speak.

So glad, though, that they dealt with Kellyn. It was not only smart because she was becoming a danger if she made the final, but also because she was really the main person Donathan could have enlisted to his side. So they not only got rid of a threat, but also reduced the power of the others.

Now, I am just hoping that Sebastian is not smart enough to use his extra vote effectively.


How did people interpret Angela’s obvious annoyance after the first vote? What was she expecting?