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I’m not sure how, last night, the ensuite gets bagged to the shithouse for not being Hamptons and for the black fixtures, yet the main bathroom, almost exactly the same and it was acceptable…
I’d like the homeowners to explain where they would install wainscoting in the kitchen. And where to extend cupboards up. There is no effing space for either. Contestants don’t get to pick layout. Dickheads.
This is so boring dragging out scoring over 2 nights, thank god for fwding.
I’m watching Mr Bouris now, much more appealing 😁😁


This is the first time I saw the segment of re-valuing the home. What a waste of time. If you really must do it, then just get Joh to read it from an envelope. Is there anything more boring than watching a real estate agent do an evaluation of a house?

Calorie Loader

Amen. And then to stretch out the value reveal over an ad break was just criminal.


I feel like this is the point where the obnoxious teams start to get even more obnoxious. In some cases, the home owners were justified (the hallway gets more hideous, the more time they show it), but all the complaints about the kitchen were a little overboard, yeah.

And Leigh and Kristie are just teetering on the wrong side of unbearable.


Oh yes L&K are just vile.


And deluded too. I thought the score they got was a bit generous, but they are blaming the other teams for ‘strategic’ scoring (without using those exact words). That is a cop out, a reason not to accept responsibility.


Plus, most of the teams have started to prove that they really have no idea what they’re doing.


Homeowners critique of the kitchen was harsh. Nothing wrong with cabinet placement and where would they place the wainscoting. Guess the farmers could have put it on the island but I think it would make the area too busy.
Chiara’s and David’s zone was not scored low because of strategy but because it was horrible. They really need to rethink what they are doing.
Really don’t like Leigh and Kristie. There is just something off putting about them.
Teams really need to communicate in order to create flow and continuity in the home.


I missed the first forty minutes, and I tuned in just in time to see David throwing a tantrum after getting the tiniest piece of feedback about an idea he had, and storming out of the building.

For the third reno in a row. *sigh*

brain dead dave

Leigh threatened Dave just before that and reckoned Dave was rude to his wife. They’re fighting over space.

Leigh and Kristie are real bottom feeders. Violence is their solution. Should have been on MKR.


No, I meant the other time tonight that he did that … you know, I turned off after a few minutes and went and had a shower, so yeah, I’m not really all that invested.

brain dead dave

I got you now. Dave is all diva, on a hair trigger. Wish I’d stayed in the bath but I got out for HR.


Well, it’s easy to get mixed up. He’s done it three renos in a row now. I don’t know why it’s annoying me so much, but it is. You’re right. He’s just kind of very dramatic.


Kristie: “I’ve never in my life taken a risk this big.”

*looks at Leigh*

Okay, sure.

brain dead dave

Dave: “I can’t do failure”

He seems to be excelling at it, from what I’m seeing. He doesn’t need the seven more years of bad luck.

Loads of ads.

brain dead dave

Toad and Mandy win the statement piece comp.

Jared destroys a nice table.

brain dead dave

Michelle~ “a different alternative”

A what?

Another mirror cracked.