House Rules – Judgment Day

Time for the judges to do their thing. And let’s face it, LLB’s comments — and outfits – are the best part of the show.
House Rules at 7pm on Seven.

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brain dead dave

Poor Leigh, he’s so “fustrated” Dunno if I tust him.

Wow ! A “muriel” of King Kong , too.

brain dead dave

“Amanda done a cracking job to find that” quoth the silver tongued Toad.

So far, LLB is dressed very conservatively tonight, Juz. Except for matching coloredshirt and tie.

LLB called Toad and Mandy’s effort a “grunt finale”. He is funny. Mocking the bathroom on his knees.

brain dead dave

Does Leigh look like Craig MacLachlan or what? I can’t believe the likeness. Poor bloke.


Why poor bloke? Craig Mc is very handsome.

brain dead dave

“Poor bloke” was related to CM’s recent downturn in fortunes more so than his physical appearance.


I can’t believe what the teams did to Jess and Jared’s house. Did they even paint or clean all those beams and pallets they hung from the ceiling?


The design inside that house is very inconsistent. The teams need to work together to some extent to create a cohesive environment. The house does look better than before but not as good as it looked before Jared moved into that place.
I can’t believe that paint in the entryway and hallway. There should have just been one color rather than the pink stopping abruptly with that wavy line.
Dark and dismal movie room and WIR. Lack of symmetry and balance in many of the rooms.
Dusty and dirty beams on the ceilings. YUCK.
Wish they wouldn’t split up the scoring. Homeowner’s and judge’s scores should be shown in the same episode.
Does anyone understand what Toad says 90% of the time?

brain dead dave

90% of what he says is toadstool…..


Didn’t I hear one of the teams definitively say that they didn’t want anyone else to know what they were doing because they wanted their zone to be completely different? I also heard one of the girls say, after being criticised for the bland, grey, “centrifuged” bathroom, “oh well, it is my taste anyway.” Doesn’t seem like some of them have any interest in coherence or the owner’s preferences.

Having said that, the house rules were so contradictory, anyone would struggle trying to fill them.