House Rules – judging Mel and Dave’s house

It’s time for the judges to see Mel and Dave’s transformed home. Will the wainscoting rule bring any teams undone or will the judges love what they see?
House Rules screens on Seven at 7pm.

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brain dead dave

I hope the judges get in quickly before Dave gets a chance to start punching holes in the walls.

Not sure what the wainscoting rule exactly is but hope Laurence bring the humour again tonight. I Googled wainscoting.


I don’t think the house turned out too bad (although the rules didn’t help the teams much). Too much of the design just looks like someone *wants* to look posh, but it’s less elegant and more a bit crass and obnoxious.

I gotta agree with LLB about the kids’ bedrooms, though. What happens in a few years when the kid doesn’t like pirates anymore?


Knowing kids, the could develop an irrational hatred of pirates next week, let alone on a few years

brain dead dave

“A coffin of display” ~ Laurence hit Dave and Chiara’s effort hard. The “love” shelf deserved it. Once, it was a beautiful tree.

The tough , tattooed Dave is reduced to tears….but ” it’s all good, I’m fine”.


You notice that Dave and Chiara have a certain pattern? Dave starts brain-storming without really thinking about his ideas all that much, Chiara tells him, “Hang on a minute here,” and he gets upset and storms off. Later he cries to the camera, showers her with apologies and affection, listens to her ideas and then they continue on. They’ve done that song and dance twice, now.

I’m not saying that makes them bad people or an abusive relationship or whatever, but it’s like, come on dude. Seriously, come on. Can we reno their house next, just to get rid of them for the week? The “love” shelf deserved some scorn, but the dining nook was pretty bad (and the hallway was just awful). So was the sitting room. At least the home-owners got a decent kitchen out of the deal.

Meanwhile, if the country brothers actually got “kicked in the guts” as often as they use the expression … they’d need hospitalisation by now.


David and Chiara need to work out a way so that one of them does the design and the other does the structural work. Neither of them have good design ideas but it is even worse when they try to both have input. I thought their zone was mostly terrible.


I did not watch it but here’s the kitchen. Not a fan of those penny tiles as a splash back – they look cute but are too hard to clean

From humble to Hamptons? What do you think of #ToadandMandy's kitchen? #Houserules— Channel 7 (@Channel7) May 20, 2018


This house was so much better overall than the last. Not surprising as “Hamptons” is a style I love and it is quite timeless. Light and airy rooms (because of white walls) will always be attractive. Not sure that all the teams really hit the Hamptons style but the attempts were still better than the last house.

Can’t help but feel that there is a move to manufacture discord between the judges, and some of LLB’s comments are a little on the harsh side. I liked Drew’s offhand comment as they exited one room.