MKR – the day after the brouhaha

I guess we’ll find out tonight exactly what MKR’s plans are for Sonya and Hadil.
The blurb says: Witness the fallout from the most controversial moment in MKR history. As the judges and teams regroup, it’s time for Stella and Jazzey to get serious but their choice of bird has them in a flap.
I pity Stella and Jazzey having to cook after that ugliness.
MKR has published this on Twitter, so does this mean S & H are back in?

On Wednesday night – the “you’re excused” night – Seven won the ratings, with 1.6 million viewers. Bachidise was ninth that night, with 630,000, just behind ABC news.

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Gee, who knew ch7 sold pheasant?
Are last eliminated team coming back? It was so long ago, I don’t remember who it was.
Oh god, the fashions are a cacophony of awful.


Was it the 2 Italians boys?
I dont think they will bring back any team


Oops, I meant to say Coles. Not in any Coles or Woolies I’ve ever been to.

brain dead dave

There are peasants in Coles.

I’ll check for pheasants tomorrow, very doubtful.

brain dead dave

There are no pheasants hanging by their heads in Coles. Doesn’t happen in the real world. I’ve been seeing dead sheep all week without warning. You ba$tards Ch 7.


“In Russia when people disappear you don’t ask questions”.
Ha ha ha ha

brain dead dave

Ch 7 hope this will all blowfish over.


No, Ch 7 want this to drag on to get ratings. The last 2 episodes were the highest this series.

Can’t imagine what they will cook up for next series.

brain dead dave

Auditioning people who’ve just been released from jail could be a ratings winner.


That’s how they picked Sophie Monk’s cast of bachelors, after all.

big h

Oh no. Substituting pheasant for chicken is not a good move – especially when they’ve never cooked it before.


They’re gone. Permanently vanquished from the competition, never to be seen again (we hope).

big h

And their scores have been wiped from this round of the competition.


The Jordanians being kicked off of MKR….much ado about nothing.

Guess the women were made up for a costume party in keeping with the theme of the IR. Plastics always heavily made up but the other women…horrid eyeshadow and thick mascara. Then we have Anna’s and Emily’s horrible dresses and bows.
Jazzy and Stella are generally clueless in the kitchen. Was hoping that they might wind up on the bottom of the leader board (even though I want the Plastics to be eliminated) because I am sick of hearing their comments about Henry. Henry is not interested in you, Jazzy. Get over it.


I’ve been wondering if they were a thing in real life. They have carried it on for a long time if not.
I hope the plastics don’t start acting “strategically now”. It was good when they were nice. They should realise they don’t have a chance to win and to leave on s friendly high


Thought the ‘Stume Room actually did worse than the plastics last night and should of got a lower score.. perhaps as the plastics being part of the big spat they want them eliminated to ensure the final 6 are wholesome and pure.


Loving this.

Booted MKR contestant says producer was feeding her lines during row.

Since its subscription only, here is the transcript:

TV VILLAIN Sonya Mefaddi has broken her silence on being booted from My Kitchen Rules accusing producers of using her and teammate Hadil Faiza for ratings.

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph Mefaddi said producers fed her lines and told the cast that the show needed to be action-packed to compete with Married at First Sight.

“Ratings played a big part in this. I feel they were using this situation for ratings, I was specifically told we are going up against Married at First Sight, we need to create noise,” Mefaddi said.

“Everything adds up that they wanted this to happen. Yes we were in control of our words and our actions but they fuelled it and pushed us to breaking point.”

Mefaddi suggested the fight, which saw them kicked-off the show, was orchestrated by the producers.

“A producer was feeding us lines the whole way to Kim and Suong’s instant restaurant. Lines like ‘Hadil you should say to Emma you know what you should be on Botched, Sonya you should say to Jess you girls think you are princesses but real princesses wear diamonds not cubic zirconias.’”

She said that she was shocked when they were cut from filming.

“I was blindsided,” she said.

“At the time Manu said you are excused for tonight. When they called us into Channel 7 and told us we were let go from the show I broke down in tears.”

Revealing never-before-told details, the Sydney-based fashion designer and business owner said she and Faiza had been kept from the other contestants in the lead up to the instant restaurant to build tension.

She said that judges Pete Evans and Manu Feidel were not present for any of the drama and only appeared at the table to dismiss them.

The taxi which arrived to drive the ladies away from filming was apparently sitting waiting for the women well before the dismissal.

Faiza is expected to break her silence tonight on a rival network.

The Daily Telegraph understands she has broken her contract and will appear on Channel 9’s A Current Affair tonight.

Looking forward to Current Affair to see what they have to say.

Jess and Emma also denied that Sonya and Hadil hit them.


Juz, it happens periodically. Will keep you posted


That was the second piece I’ve read where Sonya put the blame for her and Hadil’s atrocious behaviour anywhere but where it belongs, squarely on their own shoulders. This time it’s the producer feeding them lines, before it was because they were “in the bubble” of MKR, and emotions were running high, and one of them was bullied as a child…blah blah. None of it rings true to me. The Plastics have owned their part and apologised, these two should take note and do the same, but they’re too stupid and self-absorbed to see that. The more they whine that it’s not their fault, the longer their vicious words and performance are in the spotlight.

No one can force you to threaten other people or call them arrogant assholes, except maybe at gunpoint or in a torture chamber. Just shut up and go away, you two.


My favourite was the “I was bullied as a child” excuse. Being bullied as a child suddenly turned them into adult bullies??????


OK, I was bored recently and clicked on one of the news links. So far that dumb person used the race card, the I was different as a kid and this all came back up and I was hurt card, she used the we are females card, apparently also the someone made a comment about my autistic son card, the it is edited to make us look bad card, and now the the producers fed lines to me card.
So, woman, ALL of the above? Sure, uh-huhhhhh, yeah right. Totally believing you. She is as old as me and should be able to understand what is a good thing to say and what not. Stuff like that usually happens to you when you are not the smartest tool in the shed.
Btw, for someone in the fashion industry she dresses really badly…


I started laughing as soon as Stella and Jazzey bought the pheasant; that dish was unlikely to turn out well.

The part that had me yelling “stop!” at the tv was them putting salt into one of the desserts. It wasn’t even nice salt, just crappy old table salt in the big plastic container, and they kept flinging more and more of it into that topping.