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I thought that chicken larb had ground rice and mint leaves in it? It looked bland with only leaves as garnish. Every time I’ve had it that’s been the case. Not sure about super spicy Japanese either. Every time I’ve had spicy Japanese at a restaurant it’s been quite “mild” in comparison to Thai and Malaysian cuisine.
LP what do you think?


Yes, Liberty. Larb has ground sticky rice and toasted dry chilli flakes.

Also agree Japanese food is not spicy at all


I’m 10 minutes in and all I’ve got is ‘I hope they fail’. She is unbearable.


I agree. I’d forgotten how horrid she is to watch. Unfortunately, I knew she was too cutesy happy in the to camera pieces to have failed. I noticed the facade slipped making the rum sauce and we saw how nasty she gets when things don’t go her way.


She is bloody nasty. He needs to get far far away from her.


“What a rush” lies Alex through his teeth

big h

So Channel 7, who was the “Pete” the ambos were allegedly talking to?
Bloody liars.
And yes, the patient did look dodgy most of the evening.

brain dead dave

Ch 7 had to call on a scambulance. Makes me sick.

We should have known after the “thanks lutz” audio tampering last year.

But, after all, it’s a cooking show.


I have a bad feeling that Hipster Hat and Crybaby will win the whole competition…


Think it will be the refugees, nothing better than giving real Aussie battlers a go! Will be a great feel good story after all the shenanigans of this series.


That would actually be the obvious choice. They won’t let the siblings win because last year Amy and Angry Man won. I personally would love to see Olga and Valeria win. 😉 But Channel 7 won’t.
So that leaves us with Kim and Suong or Hipster Hat. I do not think the Italian brothers will win.


They already have the Indonesian girls won 2 years ago. I think they would like 2 guys to win but public won’t be happy as they run a food truck.

I would love to see the Russians win this. Notice there are hardly any negative promo about the Russians


cmon – Zhee – there are NO WINNERS in this. Certainly not viewers 🙂


Anna and Henry or bust, at this point.

brain dead dave

The only “winners” are Ma$terchef, because it looks relatively good after this food fiasco.

For a few nights. Then the rot sets in. Less violence, though.


Well, someone will win 250k.^^ That’s quite something for being on a shitty show we still watch and talk about. 😉 Maybe no one should watch it and talk about. Actually I am thinking how they will top this year’s drama in 2019! Will they have an icecream machine explode? I am sure producers are already brainstorming. Like: Hey, guys…., I have the bestest idea in thevworld. EVER! Let us bring back controversial couples from the past years. Woooohooo, imagine all the arseholes around the table! The Spice Girls! The guy who could not cook seafood and was a failed male model! The Wannabe-Kardassians we kicked out! Sophia and her sidekick! Chloe and what’s-her-face! Doctor Evil and his “For a lawyer he is pretty dumb”-husband! Let us bring back all the contestants our viewers hated and let us have a really big bully festival.

I really, really hope that Masterchef will be good, even though they have bald Stooge and chubby Stooge (I do not mind Matt tbh). If not, GBBO is coming in August and the UK Masterchef has great cooking.


I truly hope not. Remind me of Sausage King and wife without the fertility woes.


Mrs. Hat is very irritating. When she whines her voice is like fingernails across a chalkboard. I was hoping they would fail. When things don’t go her way she gets so nasty.
So the “Pete…Come on.” was just BS because Suong is certainly not Pete.
Episode started out with her stating that she wasn’t feeling well and then she stated that she couldn’t taste the food. Had a feeling that she would be the one taken away by ambulance.
As for the menu being Japanese and Thai……how did Panna Cotta and mousse fit in with that?


On Sunrise, Suong said all of them were sick and not well in Western Australia. Food poisoning?

She really was not well but they just keep filming. They should have taken her to see a doctor since there is a possibility of food poisoning. But no, let wait till we call the ambulance. More drama……


Wouldn’t be surprised if they got food poisoning from one of the IRs.
Can’t believe they didn’t take her to see a doctor. She really looked bad. Poor Suong. It’s good that she was able to finally get treated and is doing better.


The waitresses did try and cook up a lot of seafood that night.

Or maybe it was left-overs from Melbourne and the food went bad while everybody was waiting for the fighting to stop.


I agree about Mrs Hat being irritating. I got to the stage that I would mute the TV as soon as she started talking. I did have the captions on so I would know what she was whining about.