MKR – Mon

The Super Dinner Parties are here and, this season, they’re tougher than ever before. As the best of the best cook, one team will be thrown out of the competition.

Well, that’s what the blurb says but based on the TV guide for other days the heave-ho does not happen until Wednesday.

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Oh lord. Jess and Emma are cooking.

*switches back to Bachidise*


Here’s a thought. Every time Sonya and Hadil start talking, I just change the channel over to Bachidise.

Right. Super instant restaurant time. These things are always guaranteed to be super-stressful, and that’s not even counting one of the teams being kicked out for assault.

It’s gotta be either the Plastics or the Man-Eaters. I can’t imagine the waitresses, the mothers or Alex/Emily committing assault, and the idea of Henry or Anna even raising their voice is laughable. The only other likely candidate is the Russians, but they haven’t featured in any of the promos (and I don’t think they care enough about the other teams to actually physically injure anyone). All the promos seem to indicate that the Man-Eaters get kicked out for a tirade of verbal abuse … but I just don’t trust channel 7 at all.

But also, I think I’d like the finale to be the Russians versus the Tasmanian siblings. Henry and Anna are the most likeable team, it’d be almost disappointing if another team won.


Yes. I also hope it will be the Tassie siblings and the Russians in the finale.

Not happy if the Italian boys are in the final


A deconstructed apple pie for dessert?

Wouldn’t that be … just an apple?


Could just serve apple with some biscuits


Common Pete, what techniques in the apple pie?

big h

Reckon you could have practised with the blow torch before making a fool of yourself on national TV?


She was probably — genuinely — afraid of melting.


I missed the scores (I was busy watching Elora pick Eden and not the Canadian), but I can’t imagine the plastic sisters scored very well. Out of six courses, only two of them looked edible.

It’s the next two nights when the cooking hits the fan.

big h

From what I heard contestants gave them 27/28 out of 70ish and judges stuck to around 3 per dish. But don’t quote me — maybe a Perth viewer can help


All the contestants scored them very low; the Russians gave the highest score with a 5. I didn’t pay much attention to the judges’ scoring. I think Manu gave a 1 for the bugs, and a 1 for the creme brulee. Pete scored the “apple pie” a 7 or 8.

All the promos for one team being kicked out are over the top. At least last night there was a bit of truth in advertising – the drama plays out over Tuesday and Wednesday.

If it’s the Plastics who get thrown out instead of the Jordanians, one of them must actually throw a punch, or do something physical. It would need to be something very serious compared to the hateful nastiness that comes out of the Jordanians’ mouths.


You didn’t miss much. I was trying to watch both.

But I think tonight and tomorrow night, I’ll be MKRing. I want to know which team gets kicked out.

brain dead dave

Warning : Possible Spoiler

I heard it was the Jordanians.

Hardly a revelation , I know but I don’t think Ch 7 are clever enough to sucker punch Australia this time.

From the time this controversy reared it’s ugly head during promos on the tennis, I thought it was the Plastics. The Jordanians have convinced me otherwise with the level of appalling verbal abuse Ch 7 have encouraged from them.

I’m trying to watch both tonight..


I think the evidence leans that way as well … but channel 7 is just *so* untrustworthy and manipulative.

I’m not gonna believe it’s them until I see them given their marching orders.