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I am getting all of those tiny blond girls mixed up so lucky one of them went. But Morgan seemed nice. I am still only beginning to figure out who everyone is because the limelight has gone to a small few.


I hate tribe swaps. I particularly hate tribe swaps where, as with this one, one tribe gets a majority in both tribes. All it does is make the thing into a random walk.

Carole Morrissey

I thought the tribe swap was too early. Still trying to figure who everyone is. I didn’t know which tribe to root for as I couldn’t remember who I liked & disliked from last week. They used to do a 1 1/2 hour show for then first episode with only 1 elimination so you had a chance to get to know them a bit. The last couple of seasons they haven’t done that.


That’s what I think Juz. It was going to be fish in a barrel.


I’m with you, Daisy, I can’t tell most of the women from each other. One only thing that they didn’t show was the fact that the previous guy-who-has-gone (Jake?) told all of his tribe about giving Morgan the legacy advantage. It wasn’t mentioned at all in the scramble, but surely it played a role in choosing her.

But, as usual with the US version, the scramble was so disjointed and incomplete, that I really had no comprehension about the vote and why everyone voted as they did. They are trying to be too cute about being mysterious, or else I am dumber than the average viewer!


I think both Aus and US versions take about 3 weeks until you even begin to get your bearings on who is who. Up until now cameras have only focussed on about 3 big characters.