Survivor: Ghost Island – another shuffle

Judging from the preview there is another shuffle tonight – too early for the merge, with 15 players still, so that has to be it. It’s a week too late for Stephanie but Michael will be in with a chance.
Let’s hope we end up with two physically evenly matched sides.

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I’m getting bored with Survivor again. All these reshuffles because they all cling to previous tribemates. I’d like to see it one tribe and watch them all squabble & back stab their way to the end whilst living in the same camp. And the endless bloody rehashed obstacles courses – may as well watch that stupid thing that is on Sundays instead of MKR!
Rant over, Happy Easter 😊


It’s most unfortunate that during the medical test no-one thought to tap on Angela’s skull so they’d realise there was a hollow space where most of us have our brains.


As long as Michael (because he’s gorgeous AND nice) and Dominic (because he’s a good stirrer and not too bad for a villain type) stay, I’m happy. I was hoping that when black haired girl went(Jessica?), that it would be a fake eviction and she would show up to be allowed to fight her way back in.


Now see I STILL don’t know who Kelly is. I know Michael, Dominic, and annoying Sebastian. And the dark girl with light hair, and the guy with glasses who I think is named Bradley.
I think the producers are stuck when a team votes off strength and keeps losing because then you only get to see that team. That’s my explanation for the frequent team changes.