Survivor Ghost Island

There was some ballsy play at tribal last week that, sadly, did not work for those down in the numbers.
I’m hoping there will be another shuffle before the underdogs are picked off one by one, as there are some interesting players there.

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Good idea, Juz. I think it is a copout, too, because they don’t want to make enemies. Certainly the Ghost Islands where they don’t play, and that occur between challenges (so no missed vote) are basically dead time for the viewer.


I was starting to like the person who went home, although I didn’t think he/she would go the distance. I call them the Eat Pray Love person because the backstory sounds exactly like the author’s. Glad to see a couple of others safe though.

I don’t think Desiree will last long, unless it is as a goat. She stands out in the challenges (for her lack of skill), when everyone else seems quite good. Dreadlock guy is going down in my estimation each week, not sure if there are much brains under the hair. The girl who chose him to flirt with seems to understand that he can be led by his you-know-whats.

Jeff is still calling out names during challenges that I don’t know. Did I hear him say “Livvie” last night?

Desperately hoping that next week is an early merge (15 people) rather than another tribe swap. Glad that they are doing something, though, because the tribe that ended up with two majorities are getting a bit boring. Maybe it will be three tribes of five. We know from the Aus version that that doesn’t work for very long. Will it work enough to get to a 12 person merge? Maybe.


I liked last night’s evictee, and I thought she was so brave leaving her marriage AND a religion that holds its members on a close reign.
I thought that Desiree had a cheek and no manners going through someone else’s bag. Are they allowed to do that, and has that always been the case? I think bags should be off limit.


I thought their bags were off limits to others. Or was that only in Australian one?


I think I recall US seasons where they didn’t go through others’ bags.


Was the merge designed at that time to save Michael? I am so glad he wasn’t left there to get knocked off with no chance of saving himself.


I am glad Michael survived. I hope he lats until the merge.

It’s painful watching a gang of people wiht not a lot of skill or personality deciding the fate of better players. Loser alliances – let’s vote out the old Malolos so we can lose all the challenges – are always an idiotic strategy. And come the merge, it looks like the other tribe are unifying and the Gang of 5 is going to find themselves being loyal to a tribe that no longer exists.

Post-merge the Gang of 5 will disappear quite rapidly because they are not good at challenges (physical or puzzles) and it does not seem to have occurred to them that they need a social strategy for the post-tribal game after the merge.

Carole Morrissey

Hey everyone I just had a hip replacement this week so was a bit zonked out watching Survivor this week. Lucky I taped it so can watch it back to see what I missed. I’m going home today. Yay.
Cinnamon buns & coffee, a big improvement on peanut butter. And what’s his name’s reaction to them was hilarious.
I agree it is disappointing when they don’t get to play at Ghost Island.


Wishing you a swift recovery, Carole. 💖💖💖💖

Carole Morrissey

Thanks Daisy.


Sorry to hear that Carole, but at least there is something to watch!