I’m a Celeb – penultimate episode

We’re down to the nitty gritty, with the remaining Junglees being Danny, Fiona, Vicky and Shannon.
And, warning, it’s family reunion time tonight.

Tomorrow is the final episode. I’m hoping for a Shannon or Fiona win.
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I wasn’t feeling genuineness from Vicky. She might act like that all of the time, but I would like to find her off button so that she could relax and just be.

Carole Morrissey

Bloody Danny is still there. I swear to God if he wins I will be really pissed off. I’m with you Juz & would like either Fiona or Shannon to win.
I always wonder where they’re randomly walking when they come across their loved ones. Why are they all alone?


Vicki said something like “I didn’t know who it would be…” which made us suspicious about the apparent randomness of the “surprises”. It seems she had been told to sit there and wait for someone.


Fiona for being the funniest or Nollsie for being the most genuine. I love that he saw his family and just said, “Crikey”. He probably could make PM.


Over on Tvtonight, they have mentioned that there is an iconic challenge called the Cyclone, which apparently is the highlight of the UK series. It is meant to happen tonight on our show, for the first time. Wonder if it will be a big hit here. It doesn’t seem to be being promoted at all.


I don’t mind any of the final three, for the win. I’m not feeling that any of them really were anything special. I do like Fiona, but mainly as the double act with Peter. Peter really should have been the winner, but these shows never seem to be won by the most deserving. I am getting used to that now.


It’s all a matter of perspective.
I was disappointed with Peter – he turned out not to be as nice as I thought he would be – I suppose it’s not his fault that I confused him with the characters he played on telly.
Danny is a man who doesn’t appear to know that he has double standards – maybe he left school early and then had a sheltered life? All he seems to have done is boxing, in one form or another. Makes for a narrow point of view.
Fiona and Nollsey both exceeded my expectations. I hope it is one of these two. It is more like to be Nollsey. I think he has a broader base, but either/or.