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Five times a week, MKR? Yeah, no.

Thank goodness for Gogglebox.

big h

Answer to Von on previous post: yes the Russians’ accents to seem to come and go.


Well spotted Von.


RIDICULOUS! They are so desperate to amp up the drama they turn a blown fuse into a major incident. I’m sorry, but Davide flicking the circuit breaker switch does not make him a hero.


The sisters and Russians gave poor critiques but gave high scores. Thus those critiques were scripted??


At least it wasn’t a fluke with Henry and Anna (who I still utterly love, for the record). The Italian boys can cook as well. They only really messed up with the side-salad on the entree. Everything else looked really great, and the scores reflected that.

I don’t understand Boris and Igor. Hyper-critical of *everything*, but they score well (indeed, they gave one of the highest scores tonight).

I also liked that Henry has figured out the Man Eaters’ game, calling them on all their subtlety (high five Henners), or total lack thereof.


Another team with good potential, know how to cook (look at the knife skills), had a professional bench oven as well. Just don’t know where the 5 trays of potatoes went???

Can’t complain with Olga’s critique of Manu… you do get some contradiction and consfusion at times with what he says. And the Russian’s are being obviously told to play “russian” but behind the scenes are fair.

Can’t wait to see if Beef in Black Bean is classified as a high end dish.

Enjoy the Tassie team, the military couple (bang on about the dog biscuit on the nose comment).


Just watching on my lunch break. Is it just me or does that restaurant where Pete and manu critique the menu look like the Aldi bottle shop