Survivor HHH – Dec 7

So do they take out Mike next or do they man up and get Ben?
If you haven’t caught up on the Ponderosa videos they are worth checking out on Youtube , especially JP’s because HE DOES NOT SHUT UP!
Yes, the invisble man is a babbler!

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It’s only taken until episode 12 to finally get an interesting one.
Should have taken the opportunity to get rid of Ben when they had the chance!

Carole Morrissey

Ben acted like a real arse to Chrissie & it cost him. She would have included him in that reward with their loved ones.
And bloody Devon has been annoying me lately the way he turned on Ryan.
And that idiot throws the idol in the fire. It wasn’t his to throw.


What a messy tribal. Some players, Chrissie and Ben took things personally. It’s no wonder Ben turned after he heard his alliance x saying his name, but he wasn’t smart to take it personally anc overreact.


There’s usually a point in every season where I get very emotionally involved, usually because my favourite player is eliminated due to bad luck, idiot other players, or as in this case, self-stupidity. Last night was it.
I’m now annoyed at everyone, and there is only one left who I might like to win. Tragic day all around.


Good point, Juz. I think you must be right about them having to have matching balls. Or maybe they just thought it would sound funny in writing. 😜

I don’t like Christy, Ryan, or the weird doctor Mike, and I was disappointed in Ben losing it last night and “scrambling” when he heard his group mentioning him for the chopping block. But then again I think that also threw Lauren into a flap too. Not sure how Ben is going to get over any of his burned bridges, especially as Christy, who still can control Ryan and Mike, won’t be likely to forgive the old ex vet.
Out of all of them I will still hold out for Ben and Rocky Horror, young Tim Curry. I can’t warm to Ashley. No personality evident. She is so blank. But that might be because she is thinking all the time. BTW is something wrong with her skin?
I won’t be surprised to see Ashley and Dr Weird at the end, simply because the others are making waves, and enemies.


Yep – agree. I was team Ben, but he stuffed up big time and now has gone from threatening/need to get rid of him to Personal Vendetta to get him GONE and everyone votes for him. Ouch.
I have no idea why Lauren gave dr weird half her idol and absolutely NO IDEA why he threw his bit of it into the fire. or was it another? I feel lost here! Does anyone know what it meant? Is this survivor play that means something else that I totally don’t understand?
I’m very confused.
I really liked Devon, but like Carole he is becoming grating to me now.
Actually – I don’t know who to back now!
Ryan maybe, even though I don’t personally warm to him but he is playing well and reading the votes. I don’t dislike Ashley, but she’s hard to read. Dr Weird is well, you said it.
Chrissy and Ben are taking things too personally. . . But if Ben can survive another week after a unanimous vote against him, I will have to admire him.
Still, it’s pretty slim pickings to get a favourite out of this lot!


From “anybody is OK to win” to ” I don’t want anybody to win”, all in the space of one episode.
For someone in a scientific profession, Dr Mike is incredibly illogical in his actions.