I’m a Celeb speculation

With a month to go until the celebrities enter the jungle, it’s time to speculate as to who the B, C and D graders are.
This article suggests Fran Drescher, which seems too good to be true. Remember last year when Ten promoted a Hollyeood Star and we got surly Tom Arnold …
Glenn Robbins is a likely candidate, as he is from the Ten stable and has an upcoming series of All Aussie Adventures to promote.
news.com.au article
Is Paulini still performing in The Bodyguard? She’s a Ten girl and needs an image tweak after the fake licence offence.

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I love me some I’m a Celeb clue speculation.
Fran Drescher has said on twitter she won’t go for health reasons (a reason alot of people say apparently, especially when our version is 6 weeks – the UK one is only three, not sure about other countries).
Yep, I reckon Glenn Robbins or Peter Rowsthorn for the comedian.
Jason Akermanus for the AFL player.
The biggest feud, i really hope not Kyle. i think that will be sporting stars again. (however with the AFL player, possibily these two and the world champion, you would hope its not a cast full of sports stars.)
World Champion has me stumped but you can be a world champion in many different things not just main stream sports so that one is wide open.


i don’t know if Rove would do it either.
As in Teri Hatcher and Eva Longoria or something?!
It could be a couple Real Housewives. Or i even wondered about Bachie stars who had a big fight on tv or something? Or there are a few other radio / comedic duos that have well known feuds. Merrick and Russo or Tony Martin and Mick Molloy.


Maybe that girl who rubbished the ANZACs and got the sack from ABC. She would drive me mad.


Didnt I read that Jacqui Lambie is available?
Will be interesting to have her and Yasmin together 😁


I can see Jacque doing it but not Yasmin