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You’ll be happy now, Juz, as they have merged. I don’t blame Aly for being annoyed at little Twerp Ryan. He doesn’t really deserve that name. Most Ryan’s are a lot cooler than him. His name shoild be Ernie, Quentin, or Slimey the Worm.
It was a good night for Ross though, was that his name? He will be hard to beat, but he won’t last long. He will have to win EVERY immunity.
Survivor is usually a slime ball’s game.


Ross? Do you mean JP? The quiet bloke carved from stone? I was a bit sad Ali went – Ryan must be hoping JP can give him an in with the heroes


Yes, probably. Ross Tamblin. Google it coz you are too young.


Sorry Russ Tamblin.


I looked him up – what’s the connection?


I think he resembles him a bit. No?


Maybe I need to see him in tv or movie. I can’t see it from the pictures.

Carole Morrissey

Wow, where did that come from? I could have sworn JP was going home, then it turns out to be Ali. Took me by surprise. Hope it doesn’t bite them on the arse now that they merge next week.
Really annoyed that Joe found that immunity idol He thinks he’ll get the other one if he moves to another beach but Cole beat him to it.


I too thought JP was a goner but glad he didn’t go. I really hope Ryan and Chrissy are picked off by the other tribes asap now the merge is coming – both slimey and deceitful. Pity that the people who know about Chrissy’s lies are her victims who can’t tell.

From the early confessionals, JP is fully aware that men like him should be eliminated before merge. I think he was intentionally playing up the “carved from stone” thing so it made him look a bit dumb – pretty sure that there is a smart brain ticking away behind the stone facade. The switch of victim at TC could have been due to his scrambling (or just another dumb decision by Ryan).

Loved seeing Ali pitch into Ryan because of the previous TC decision – he seemed to think Ali would just roll over, lay down about it. Whereas if he had got rid of Chrissy, he would have still had the goodwill of everyone. Instead, he has proven to Chrissy and JP that he will betray alliances without a second thought.

It would have been nice to see the “Cole” tribe go to TC and eliminate him. Also, not sure which tribe it was (?blue Dr Mike tribe?) who showed huge smarts in the challenge to use the principles of physics to work out a very efficient way to do it. I couldn’t tell which castaway worked it out, or if it was a few, but it was brilliant to watch.


The others should take note, Ryan is a wily worm.


Ryan is looking pretty cluey, hey? I don’t really care for him, but do admire him.
I really, really don’t like Cole. And it’s not just his table manners (although it’s a big part, LOL). I am much more interested in Dr Mike. Jessica is letting the wrong parts of her do the thinking re: Cole. Just because he makes you feel nice and tingly, is NOT a reason to keep him and pander to him.
Agree totally Fijane – that team were amazing with the challenge – hats off for smarts and realising about the tension.


Wow that was quick. Lucky they put a photo in, otherwise the source would probably make me disbelieve it.