Survivor HHH – Nov 30 double episode

Are the Healers going to be continued to be picked off, or is it time for the Hustler/Hero alliance to splinter? Hopefully the latter, as Joe and Dr Mike make for entertaining if puzzling TV.

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This is always what happens in these shows. Well usually. You have to get past the first episode and warm to the characters in a love hate viewing relationship. Ben and Lauren are fantastic. Rocky Horror is really smart. It was a good idea of his to send Ben over as a spy.
Dr Mike is a weazel. Would anyone go to his surgery? Yew. How stupid was Christie (name?) telling Lauren that she and and Ryan wanted to take her to the end but had just forgotten to mention it. And Ryan wanting to work with Dr Weazel, while Dr Weazel smugly throwing it in his face, thinking he was now on the top. Where did they find this rtv gem?
And my top two favourites are still there; Ben and Lauren. I was yelling at the tv last night; “Ben! Use your idol!” Thank goodness he couldn’t hear me.
So now Dr No Matter how much you wash your hands your still not doing my pap smear Mike, might be taken to the end by anyone who knows he’d be the best one to sit beside at final, and because he has as much chance of winning immunity as I have of beating Hussein Bolt in a running race. I’m not even sure that’s his name.
Anyhoo, Go Ben and Go Lauren but watch out for the girl with the bad skin. I think Lauren is under-estimating her and sees Ben as the bigger threat, but she’s the quiet threat; the stealth fighter.
Go Survivor.


You can tell I don’t know sport, Juz.
Yes, JP might have made a better Bachelor, or Bach hopeful.