Family Food Fight – four become three

I’m quite enjoying FFF – it’s a good one to record and watch at your leisure because then you can fast forward through the shouty bits and five minutes of the judges anxiously repeating “they’ve got to get that salmon in the oven”.
Tonight is the elimination round, so the Italians or the Greeks will go home (either way the shouting will be lessened).

And tomorrow night’s challenge seems made for the Butlers (the ones with the giant hair buns): they have to make lamingtons for the CWA. The Shahrouks cook great food but lamingtons require precise recipes.
If you watched the last episode you would have seen Houda had to sit out the challenge due to being unwell. The 43-year-old was about six months pregnant at the time of filming. What a time to go on a reality TV show! One of her sisters reported on social media this week that Houda is fine and expected to give birth in the next week or so.

And the blurb for Tuesday says: Three families feel the heat as they struggle to run a real pub service for 100 paying customers. One family will be sent into elimination.

Family Food Fight airs Sunday on Nine at 7pm.

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I am enjoying it too. I’m glad Frank is going home, he’s just so overbearing.
This afternoon I watched all of the instant hotel catch ups as well. I’m glad there is still some light fluff shows to watch at the moment. I hate summer tv.


There’s no chat for Instant Hotel but I’ve been watching it. What do you think Jazzman?
Given Serena and Shay’s shenanigans I think the producers have given them a mandate to be rude and obnoxious and hypocritical.

Carole Morrissey

Oh that bloody Frank. I really felt for Rose when he wouldn’t listen to her. She turned out to be right. I thought he was very rude putting those things in his ears. I just wanted to slap him. Loved how in the 2nd challenge she took charge & wouldn’t take shit from anyone.

Carole Morrissey

Oh wow, those country women take themselves seriously. They take a ruler & tape measure with them everywhere.
I made lamingtons once when I was much younger. Way too messy & fiddly. I just buy them at the shop. Some of those pastries looked really yummy.


I liked that the CWA, were open to new options on the platters / tier thingys, they ate everything with an open mind and I felt were pretty reasonable with their feedback.


Hayden is getting much better as he relaxes but four judges is still too much

Carole Morrissey

Oh my God I can’t believe how much rice they wasted. 7 BATCHES!!! Doesn’t Matt Moran belong to Oxfam where they don’t believe in wasting food?
I can’t believe they had a pub food challenge & no one did a chicken parma.


Im always smiling when I watch this show. All the teams are so friendly to each other. how refreshing.

Carole Morrissey

Yes, it’s great how they help each other out. They’re competitive, but not in a cut throat way.