Survivor HHH – do the worm challenge

They’ve brought back that fun challenge from Millennials V Gen X where the contestants are bound and have to wriggle in the sand, pushing a ball with their heads.
I can’t imagine anything worse than having a mouthful and graceful of sand and no access to a shower and shampoo.
Tonight’s ep was ok but hardly thrilling.
There are still a number of players we’ve barely heard from.
Desi was a challenge champ (Probst was barracking for her almost as much as he did Michaela) and she happens to be my winner pick, but she has barely made the edit.

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Damn. I would have preferred Chrissie gone tonight. We had hardly seen Roark but I was really liking her. Damn you Ryan, you snake. I hope he gets out next. 😬😬😬


Don’t know about that Juz. I like my music.


Both Chrissy and JP fell way down in my like list this episode. Chrissy showed how deceitful she is willing to be – sorry, I like the lying to be a bit more subtle. Telling Roark that she was trying to establish an all-girl alliance, and then immediately telling JP that Roark was doing that. Pretty low, IMO.

And JP, being so gullible to accept Chrissy’s word within seconds, and making no attempt to validate it. It didn’t occur to him that it was Chrissy who took Roark aside, and that Roark was annoyed that Chrissy didn’t try to stratigise with her – both signs that it was unlikely that Roark was trying to work with Chrissy. So dumb.

And I was surprised by Ryan. If he had got rid of Chrissy, he would have pleased everyone except Chrissy who would have had no power against him anymore. Instead, he chose to go against his main ally, who he now has to try to win back, and who will almost certainly turn against him at merge.

Carole Morrissey

Ew, that crawling along the sand challenge is horrible. I’m with you Juz, i can’t think of anything worse than having sand all over your face, in your mouth & no access to a shower to wash it all off. And poor Ryan. Twice he got the ball to the top only for it to roll back down. Argh, I felt so frustrated for him.