New shows from Seven and ABC

Some new shows from Seven.
story here.
And the ABC is revamping ABC2, branding it a comedy channel. Which it sort of was, already, but now it’s official.
Kids’ programming will end half an hour later, at 7.30pm (shhh – don’t tell my five year old!).
Tom Ballard (who used to host a reality TV panel show for the ABC) now gets a regular gig with his own nightly show.
story here

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I don’t think it was wise of ABC to put a label like that on what has traditionally been a bits-n-pieces channel. Like 7Flix they will now be constantly under scrutiny for meeting or not meeting the brief. I don’t have a problem with a rebranding, as nothing seems to just be numbered anymore, but why not choose a more generic name. 9Gem, 9Life, 9Go all managed to give a catchy name without boxing themselves in to a specific genre.


Well, as long as they keep showing Bookaboo at 532 am, I’m okay with it. (Good morning, fellow insomniacs.)


I think Bookaboo is funny. His “a story a day or I can’t play” is a bit bratty, but I enjoy his reactions to the guests reading a book with their different voices. And my dog would definitely be that sort of diva if he were a rockpuppy. I don’t watch many children’s shows, only if I fall asleep on the lounge and wake up around five. Noddy the detective did not pull me in at all, more like wtf, Noddy?


Canadian? I thought they were English! Just shows how little attention is paid at that time of day :). Bookaboo’s descriptions and intros of the guest readers are always a little sarcastic. Probably why I like it. I’ll check out Ben and Holly.


Oops, Von – you are right. Must have just been a Canadian guest when I watched.
Meanwhile, Mr 5 is now addicted to the remake of Duck Tales. He does a credible Donald Duck impression


Unoriginally, I am a Peppa Pig fan.
i just love, at the end, all the cast throwing themselves on the ground laughing. It never gets old for me.


Unoriginally, I am a Peppa Pig fan.
i just love, at the end, all the cast throwing themselves on the ground laughing. It never gets old for me.
*sigh* I know.


Whoops. And no edit button.

Bob Saget`

The Good Doctor was like a mix of Numbers and House. Plenty of bad acting!


I watched this in excutiating pain because the story line and scene set-ups were so improbable and yet, at the same time, clichéd. But I watched it until the end. And I will probably tune in again next week. Go figure.

Bob Saget

yeah i’ll continue watching it, because i’m a dumbass 🙂

brain dead dave

Forewarned is forearmed. Ta,Maz

Of course, I expect Ch Ten to have Dr.Phil, Judge Judy and Bold And The Beautiful. Life would not be worth living without these.

Less of those afternoon cooking shows with failed Ma$terchef contestants would be great. Cheap and nasty.

Who can it be now?

BDD, is that woman “chef” in Adelaide’s shop still going strong? (you know, the one that you loved so much) i cant recall her name

brain dead dave

I suppose you’re talking about Rose from Ma$terchef.

Juz has eaten there at her family affair cafe style eatery and gave it the thumbs up. Whether it went belly up like the family’s original business, I don’t know. I haven’t seen Rose on tv for a while now. The cliche queen.

I remember how bullet proof Rose was in aliminations, after scuttling her teams in challenges. “We gotta hustle, gice”, as the team sinks like the Titanic.