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The judges to borrow Christina’s phrase (Flip or Flop) “are totally obsessed” with the wood burning fireplace. It is money well spent.

Neale loves the colour palette of navy and gold.

For a bizarre reason they also put a fan in the room.

The saccharine artwork is genius as it suggests family. Um no, it is just tacky.

The main flaw seems to be the off-centred light in the dining area.

Score: 9.5,8.5, 9=27


I don’t mind this. I am confused about the fan, although I can’t see any aircon vents…
I don’t mind the artwork, although I probably would have done more a gallery wall of kids prints, rather than, just one blown up.


Chairs look uncomfortable and toss the artwork. Fireplace looks too small and out of place.


The judges hate the nib wall as it removes the “open” out of open room concept.

The table is too small for the gazillion people that will live in the property.

The judges think that Hannah’s styling is on point for the demographic.

7.5 7.5 8.5 = 23.5


Yeah, I was nervous about the wall when they said it, and looks like I was right to be. I seriously think they need to consider taking it out. It being open plan, shouldn’t really matter if they have another lounge space to hang out in (that that i like their other room but at least they have that space).


Like Alice, the judges are enamoured by the couch/lounge.

They also like the eight seat herringbone table. Together the furniture makes the space looks bigger.

The colour is pitch perfect as a neutral palette is hard to pull off.

9.5 10 10 =29.5


Love this except I think the fire & tv should swap positions. If I’m gonna kick back and watch the tele I want an easy line of sight from all angles.


I think the tv is on am arm that comes out, but kinda defeats the purpose of having it tucked in, if you have to have it extended out to watch all the time.
I don’t like that artwork. I think they should have put down lights in.


Larger TV and toss the artwork.


That artwork is up there in my top worst ever. Reminds me of the classic dead stag in the highland castle.


“Someone loves timber ALOT,” notes Darren sarcastically.

The style is Japandi vs Tetris. WTF?

The judges hate the sofa as it only seats two (three if you want to channel a doctors’ waiting room).

They need to take the lounge back and sit down and really think about their targeted buyer rants Shaynna.

6.5 6.5 7 = 20


Way too much going on here. Should have done the inset ceiling OR the wood on the dining table, not both. And need to lose the cabinets around the tv.


Insta’s room is a compilation of the best bits of the other contestants’ rooms.

They love the floating concrete ledger. It is all very “kinsfolk’. Cut again to Josh bragging about his ignorance (not knowing the capital of France).

The table should have been extendable.

Insta elect to use their bonus point and thus tie with Ronnie & Georgia.

The producers intervene and finally deduct the $8700 from Insta’s account that they lost in Week One. Josh admits that he had no intention of ever paying it as builders’ terms are 90 days (even 120 days). BS. Spitting the dummy they also decline the Stayz prize as they have to share it with Ronnie and Georgia.

Plus they lose $1000 in noise complaint fine as the council called the producers.
9.5 9.5 9.5 =28.5 +1 =29.5


I really like this one too, but with a big modular suite like house three. Although I love a wood burning fire I wouldn’t have one as they stink the house out and need cleaning.


I like this too, and agree with Polly, its needs a bigger modular lounge suite.
I think the styling on the dining table is a bit much. But the judges seemed to like it.
I think we will find tonight that Josh and Elyse, just wanted to get back to the The Block to start work on their master site straight away. And i reckon except for the the fact that Stayz is a sponsor, i think alot more couples would think about not taking up the accom either.


I am not a fan of Ronnie & Georgia because they can be very obnoxious and arrogant but Josh and Elyse are very bad sports. RG were owed that $$ and they were forced to request it from someone. JE should have just given them the $$ instead of being a$$holes about it. They should also have gone to the Stayz house. I was not a fan of their fireplace or the TV placement.
I was surprised that the judges loved the artwork in Sarah’s and Jason’s room. It wasn’t genius just cheapness. It was ugly and contributed nothing to the room. That would be one of the first things I would get rid of.
Don’t know why Hannah and Clint put in that wall. No more open plan and the rooms are smaller. It is not a selling point and they should rethink their decision and remove the wall.
Stick’s and Wombat’s room….I agree with the judges. It was just ugly and cold even with the timber which should have given it warmth. Needs some artwork and the L-shaped storage units and timber on wall and ceiling should be removed.


Didn’t like RG’s artwork either. I normally like prints and paintings with birds but that one was terrible, IMO.


TBH, the kitchen/dining/living space really doesn’t appear adequate for 4/5 bedroom house. And for the $$$ to purchase I’d be expecting quite an expansive space to give that luxe, there I said it, feel. There is not much space between sofa and dining table/s, those tables are pretty narrow for more than 4 peeps, and imagine 3 kids, plus friends, up & down, on the move. Pretty busy and a bit too cosy for me.


Every season I think the living spaces aren’t big enough. At least some of the houses have an extra lounge area this season.


I didn’t like that kiddy artwork in one of the loungerooms.
Josh and Elyse come across as bad sports. Am glad Ronnie and Georgia are beating them with better rooms. I think they thought that their young style would be unbeatable. Too cocky.


Monday’s episode ramps up the drama that in a Block first, one team scores triple zero.

Guess, the money is on Jason and Sarah getting that honour. Scotty scolds them again for failing to rein in the budget as they blow it out further. They needed to find $13k, instead they have squandered the funds and now only have $13k for landscaping week.

Then in the most cringe worthy, absolutely take absolutely no responsibility for ANYTHING in their lives moment, Sarah sobs that her three kids are going to England for six weeks. Like WTF??? You volunteered to go on the Block. It is not the producers’ fault that you are financially illiterate and permitted your children to go overseas.

The other team to bust their budget is Clint and Hannah. $1300 over their Mitre 10 limit.

Josh once again demonstrates how unlikable he is. Wondering how Elyse’s parents feel that she has hooked up with a smug prat.

brain dead dave

You might be sobbing if the kids were going to Guam for six weeks but not England.

Jason and Sarah were on the Morning Show yesterday. Lots of excuses about Cheatgate from Jason.

Guess it’s scolding,scalding $cotty braying at them to “go hard or go home” in upcoming. Thanks for the updates, Maz.

It’d be okay if one of the real tradies could sort Josh out.


With Sarah and Jason talking about their children going O/S, aren’t they quite young by the way? I think that Ch 9 has found the perfect way to have S & J sail off into the sunset, and have a replacement couple come in to “carry the load for S & J” whilst they visit the children O/S. Of course they will not return to the Block.


Can’t believe Clint is spending $900 more on plaster or whatever it is he bought, than he needs to! No wonder these teams are struggling with the budget!
Sticks, Wombat and Josh, highlighted exactly why, it annoys me every season that the judges are all designers. Really should be a designer, a builder and a real estate agent (local / familiar to wherever The Block is if possible). I still don’t like Sticks / Wombat living / dining (or any of their house really) but just going off what they showed last night, their finishes are spot on.
Much as Sarah and Jason annoy me, credit for putting the trap door next to the fire place so you don’t have to carry the wood in through the house – thats clever!
I’ve seen photos of all the teams on the last day of filming on Insta, so pretty sure no team gets booted off – so anyones guess at this point who gets the donuts on Sunday night.
Also, knowing that the houses have parents retreats in the master bedrooms, and the studio over the garage – teams should have focused their efforts on a house for upper primary to teenage kids. Perhaps made the ‘anything but’ room a kids / teenage retreat… Parents aren’t exactly going to leave little kids downstairs to fend for themselves…


We believe it was structural timber which Keith advised could be substituted for a cheaper type as none of the walls would be load bearing.

Given the drama that Clint had first week, we understand his (or builders rational) for the straighten timber.

Definitely need a Kevin McCloud-esque figure to judge on the structural as R&G’s build was shocking and not worth a perfect score. The other thing that annoyed me was none of the judges assessed how this space in the new build related back to the original building rather it was all about the couch.

It pains me to type this but we think JE should have won this week.


Good point about GH first week dramas – thou didn’t Keith say the cost of having someone straighten the walls was still better than buying the expensive stuff?
Ohh an architect judge – I agree.


Agree…they need a judge who understands the nuances of building and will look at more than just the design and the surface finishes. There is more detail that is glossed over by these judges. Those 3 should not be missing errors such as the finishing and other build issues in RG’s living room.


I know Dan and Keith gave a score in last season which was based on finishes and building, I think it was an online only thing on 9now. Haven’t checked if they are doing it again…


Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Tonight’s episode is who can play the biggest victim.

Sarah feels that she is been bullied by the producers over the budget as the Sarah the accountant is back.

The budget for the Media Room was $10,000. Tortoises spent $15,278.
The budget for living room was $12,000 and they spent $21,135.
They only have $101,727 left.

It has not sunk in … so they flap around aimlessly with the attitude they can’t be arsed to finish the master bedroom but in the next breath Jason brags he has a number of tickets…(then, why so much money wasted on trades?).

Ronnie declares all before him are dead (okay just Sticks and Wombat). Ronnie complains that he heard power tools after 6.00pm. (This does not bode well for the sound proofing of these builds). Ronnie complains to Keith. Keith demands an explanation from SW and J. SW confesses and then confronts Ronnie for not keeping the matter internal. Ronnie denies complaining. The punishment is a BBQ funded by J & SW.

This week’s challenge was splatter paint on canvas via a trip to NGV. Winner to be chosen by public vote. Josh reveals what a controlling p@#$k he is.


Ok, so, as long as you don’t get caught using power tools after curfew that makes it OK? Going by Sticks and Wombat, and Elyse and Josh this is the case.
‘Can’t believe that Josh and Elyse think that because they put down their tools after only a short time of usage, but it was their builders that pressed on with the tools, technically in J & E’s eyes, it wasn’t them directly, so that was OK!
The camera man was filming Josh, why didn’t he do something about notifying Keith, but no, let’s make Ronnie the fall guy and watch the sparks fly.

Channel 9 is appalling in their pursuit of ratings.

Ronnie can be a hard pill to swallow, but I cringe seeing the producers making him out to be the bad guy all the time, and doing their dirty work. Notice the way Clint denied any noise restriction violation when pressed by Ronnie? He made it so obvious that he knew by trying to deflect by asking Ronnie the question “Which direction or which house was it?”

I thought the immediate treaty between Jason and Ronnie after the fall out last week was all a bit too quick, mature, forgive and forget, let’s shake hands and move on type scenario.

I suspect that everyone may get 000’s this week in their scoring. I could be wrong.

Sarah and Jason have got to leave the show – 1000s of people would love to be where they are now, and to simply give up, let Channel 9 find the people to finish off their house, then reap the rewards (It worked for Tim and Anastasia from Adelaide) What message is this sending to future contestants?

Blow budget + go slow + don’t finish rooms = $100,000s Profit at Auction.

Sarah and Jason need to answer to someone who will be in charge of their budget necessitating the need to ask / verify their expenses to them, then have the funds allocated accordingly.


They should not have been casted. The warning signs were there. Failed business. Stalled reno.

On paper, they should have been okay if (and a big if at that) Jason applied himself.

People take a certain pride in being financially illiterate but this is beyond the pail.

Yep, agree. The rot set in with Anastasia and Tim. Should have dumped then and bring back Carleen and Michael to complete and take the winnings.


I agree, they shouldn’t have been cast. IF production was about building homes and not manufactured BS drama. It is the same stereotypes each season. They have dished up J&S for the viewer who takes pleasure in weak/lazy/weepy/failures filling the screen.

brain dead dave

If only Jason and Sarah could budget as well as they can bludge it.

Yep, send ’em home. Jason has got lots of tickets , on himself.


The Block years in review – all the winners and losers.


Interesting. Now watch Ronnie fight for either 1st or 4th.


Wednesday night is Alice Walkabout night. Cutting to the chase Clint and Hannah win.

Insta moan that 45sqm is too small a space to warrant a door. Um, dude, it is above the kitchen. You need a door.

Scott tells Josh to be nicer to his girlfriend. Josh is affronted. He rages that their relationship is no-one else’s business.

Oh, they did win splatter paint (Ferris Bueller) award…

Alice hates the hallway in Ronnie & Georgia’s space.

Then we move to the pity party. Everyone has a budget but us, is the refrain implying that they have been hard done by. Jason promises that he will do it bit by bit , won’t be rushed and it will be finished by auction. (Here, we get the impression that this is a line that he has practiced many times on clients). Sarah then sobs about the kids…(so scrolling through the guide, after a body corporate, S&J need to complete ensuite and kitchen next week or they are goneski). You really need to see it. They are pathetic. Are Melbourne people that mentally fragile? (Crybaby Andy, Drama Queen Julia…)


They seem to have a solid support base on FB who believe that “Scotty” should give them more money.

FFS. Absolutely no responsibility.


More money…so they can overspend again. Jason should have been doing work to begin with. He’s a plumber and if he had done the plumbing from the beginning they would probably have more money. If they didn’t overspend on overpriced furnishings and accessories they would probably have more money. They know how to whine and cry but they need to learn how to listen. Even after the first budget meeting they still messed up. As for Sarah, maybe I’ve missed her actually working because all I remember seeing her do is go shopping, whine and perhaps paint a little bit. She needed to get her hands dirty.

There was no effort made this week. Even if they know they probably won’t finish at least give it a try. Don’t waste time crying and complaining. Don’t make excuses. Hope they get evicted from The Block but I doubt that will happen.

I can’t believe that Josh’s painting won.


No fucking way!


They need a 4th judge – a potential buyer! Someone who will actually just on the practicalities of living in the space!


Think that is the role of Alice…she needs to be judging after the room is finished. Not mid way when it is too late to change anything anyway.


Glad to see Scotty tell J&S that they have to get up to speed with everyone else next week – by taking their time, they actually get an advantage over other teams who have to complete each room in a week.
Its not like being over budget is a surprise – they were warned from week 1.


Only if it was a realistic outcome that they could finish by auction. Left to Jason, they would be waiting ten years plus for something to be completed..


Disgusting behaviour. They should be thrown off for “failure to compete”. It’s a competition, they can’t be that hard done by with all their cash and vouchers. If 4/6 finals have been won by R+G – other teams must have managed money better! Every time the camera cuts to them, they are doing nothing. Jason sits down to do plumbing tasks – LAZY!

brain dead dave

Might be too late , Scotty, I’m already salivating about watching First Dates on Tuesday night

The promo I saw today had Scotty braying at Jason and Sarah that they’re off The Block, but it could be a cut and paste.


Whilst I’m still watching every episode, I’m finding the whole series very frustrating to watch. Watching Georgia just annoys me no end, did the producers not think to tell her to stop SHOUTING all the time, I just can’t stand to watch her now. Then there is Jason and Sarah who for all intents and purposes seem like nice people, unlucky for them they got the lazy edit this year (well someone had to and I guess they were an easy target) the trouble is knowing how much reality is there in this reality show, you just never know. Must admit I’m not sure how motivated I would be if I had a steady stream of people only too keen to tell me what a crap job I was doing on national tv.